The Energy of Money

The Energy Of Money

“I want you to love me.”

These were the first words that appeared from my pen when I was asked to write about “What money wants to say to you.” They were totally unexpected. It had never occurred to me that money would have anything to say to me (or to anybody, for that matter), and it had also never crossed my mind that money is something I could love, unless I was going to be a very greedy human being.

And that wasn’t all. It went on speaking to me, or should I say through me, for the next 3 months. Almost every day I sat down to see what money wanted to say to me and found my pen writing automatically about things I’d never imagined. That was early 2011.

I filled several Moleskine notebooks without a single crossing out or mistake. There was no hesitation as I wrote but the words were not mine. I was surprised and often laughed at what I was writing. There was a lightness and humour to it that was delightful. Each day I read what I’d written to my husband – it gave us a fascinating insight into the world of money, and especially the energy of money.

After I’d written around 60 sections I collated them all into a book which I called Love Money, Money Loves You. The essence of the message is that money is unlimited and available to all of us through love and enjoyment. It isn’t sinful or negative in any way and a true understanding of money is a path to freedom, happiness and prosperity.

The irony was that I had no money at all when I wrote the book. My business in London had just failed during the recession and it was an exceptionally challenging time.  When I first published it I only had enough cash to buy a single copy for myself.

I hoped that having written the book I would instantly get rich but the honest truth was that I had no clue how to do it. The book described a new relationship with money, which I had to learn, just like anyone else. I wasn’t given any privileged insider advantage, in fact, it feels like I’ve been learning every aspect of what I wrote about in detail over the last few years.

So what did I learn?

  • To have no fear around money or lack of it.
  • That being confused or limited about what I want is the biggest barrier to wealth.
  • That money is very different from anything I was taught when I grew up.
  • That there are natural laws for how money operates and they work.
  • That I can create additional money whenever I need or want it (as long as I follow the natural laws).
  • That money has far less to do with hard work than I imagined.
  • That love and enjoyment really work – if I give them a chance.
  • And that money loves me.

Much of this I learned by failing, as well as succeeding, because it takes great clarity to connect with the energy of money in a powerful way. I faced many challenges in those early years where I had no cash at all and needed it urgently, and by applying the advice of the book I became able to turn situations around extremely fast.

Gradually, through my own learning and work with clients, I developed the ability to help other people with their money. I’ve seen remarkable shifts in people who are running successful businesses, but were constantly worrying about money. When they stopped worrying and developed a new relationship with money they created a great increase in wealth, but without the stress and pressure they were experiencing before.

I’ve also seen people turn around financial challenges, sometimes in a matter of days, simply by shifting their energy around money. In some cases this has saved millions of dollars, in others it’s brought in multi-million dollar investments that had previously been completely blocked. I’ll tell more stories in a future blog, but for now, just ask yourself if you can truly say, with your hand on your heart, that you love money – with a sense of generosity, abundance and enjoyment. If the answer is yes, that’s a great place to be. If not, it’s time to learn more about money.


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