A personal note from Sarah...

January 2020


Did you know there’s a change you can make that’s powerful enough to create profound and beautiful shifts across all areas of your life? It’s a change in your relationship with money.

If you're like most people, you and money have a complicated relationship, however good or bad you are at making it. Fear and insecurity hover constantly beneath the surface, creating an uneasy tension in your work and financial activities.

And yet there’s such a longing, deep inside, to live with more abundance and wholeheartedness. To live more generously. 

With my new 12-month program, I invite you to transform your relationship with money and create this shift. 

Through this series of Masterclasses, you’ll expand your financial flow. You’ll bring more love, kindness and goodness into your work or business. You’ll relax into your life, becoming more generous to yourself and to others. And ultimately you’ll be able to express your true nature, which is inherently generous. 

It’s changed my life and the lives of many thousands of people. 

—Sarah McCrum

Thank You, Money: The New Art of Living Generously

Tears are rolling down my face right now as I just heard that beautiful message from money come through Sarah’s mouth in the webinar...WOW. I’ve heard the phrase “money is energy” hundreds of times in the last few years and I’ve felt like I intellectually understood those words. But in that moment this morning I could actually FEEL the life behind money.

Shelli Boucher — Charlotte, NC

You may have already tried many different courses, workshops and programs that promise financial transformation. Many of them are valuable but there’s a piece that’s missing, and that’s the piece that makes everything else work.

The missing piece is your relationship with money.  

Our program is special because it focuses on how you relate to money. And like any important relationship, it doesn’t change overnight. It’s about learning to live from a different kind of energy. This is a journey of deep transformation, which is why we’ll be working with you for 12 months, so you can immerse yourself in this very beautiful and generous energy. 

Some of the Ideas You’ll Learn About and Apply in Your Life:

Money is the energy of generosity, and that’s what Thank You, Money is all about.

Simply bringing love into your relationship with money makes all your other relationships more loving, too.

We’ve vastly misunderstood this very powerful energy, and our misunderstanding is responsible for the terrible things we do on our planet in the name of money.


I’ll be sharing the messages I received from Money that are in my book, Love Money, Money Loves You.


The course has tangible benefits that start from day one. And it’s all based on connecting with the energy and consciousness of money.


This is a way for us to create more joy in our own lives and in our collective life on earth.

About Sarah

Sarah McCrum has been a mentor and consultant for individuals and business owners for 20 years. She specialises in teaching the inner mastery that enables you to have a greater impact in your business and life.

What Makes this Master Class Transformative?
A year's worth of wisdom
Get 12 modules in 12 months (or buy 4 modules to get started).
A rich multimedia experience
Experience a dynamic array of video, audio and text in every module.
A luxurious timetable
Immerse yourself in each topic for an entire month.
A powerful transmission
Receive 20 of Sarah’s recorded Energy Activations for each module (that’s 240 activations for the year).
An ongoing conversation
Participate in live online workshops every month with Sarah.
Your course, your way
Learn on your own terms — do the program slowly or quickly, highly structured or freestyle. As long as you do it, it works.

It's all about your energy.

We’re working with energy during this program, which means it’s a very different way of learning from what most people are used to. It’s not intellectual, head learning, which leaves you with lots of knowledge and lots of things you need to work on afterwards. It’s about directly changing your energy during the program so your reality changes.

“I've worked with many different folks involved with energy work — healers, shamans, intuitives, and so on. But Sarah is different. She tunes into the underpinnings of your life — the blocks, the flows, the self-sabotaging beliefs, and the vast potentials — the whole tangle. Then in deeply practical, precise ways, she helps you see and free yourself of whatever's tripping you up.“

Holly Thomas

And your consciousness.

Bringing money together with consciousness is powerful and enables you to make wiser, more connected choices in your life. I believe that expanding your consciousness is the most important shift you can cultivate to help make life work better for you and for all of us on this planet.
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“Everywhere Sarah goes, people love her and want to work with her! Sarah’s coaching style and acumen amaze me. She has a laser-like intuition — honed over decades of working with individuals, families, and groups. Sarah can help anyone move past any obstacle, no matter how difficult or deeply established it may be. She does this by working on multiple levels of subtlety, with a high degree of mastery.”

Jeff Vander Clute  Founder, SOURCING THE WAY

If this is resonating for you, I invite you to join the Thank You, Money program.

I am realizing how much my life has changed since meeting with you all. I had gotten pretty dark and deep into the sadness of what is occurring on the planet. Now I feel much more able to engage in a way that brings me joy and brings the world joy. Engaging with money as a friend and partner is the most rewarding thing that I've ever experienced in my life, and building community around that is a real gift. 



Each month's programming features video lessons, audio inspirations, and energy activations.
You’ll come to say, "Thank You, Money," from the heart.
The Foundation

MONTH 1: Transforming Your Relationship With Money

This first month is the catalyst for the entire 12-month program. You'll start by reflecting deeply on your relationship with money, and you'll spend the whole month learning how to relax and receive energy, which is fundamental to relating better with Money.

  • Get really grounded.
  • Discover what Money wants to say to you.
  • Explore your current and potential relationship with Money.
  • Engage in daily relaxation practices to reduce stress.
  • Gain more energy and better results with less effort.

MONTH 2: Working Light           

Working light is more evolved than working hard or working smart. It’s relaxing and enjoyable and very productive. It’s rooted in ancient Chinese principles of health and wellbeing, combined with 21st century visions of life purpose and personal creativity. You'll learn how to:

  • Do daily drills that build a habit of working light.
  • Get more grounded, relaxed, centered, open and receptive.
  • Ask great questions so you can create great outcomes.
  • Discover a new level of efficiency.

MONTH 3: The Importance of Energy 

Your energy is your capacity for work and life. It's the foundation of your health, relationships, money and business. If you want success, happiness – and to make a difference -- it's  essential to know how to take good care of your energy. We'll be exploring:

  • How to receive more energy
  • How to manage your energy
  • How to release old, blocked energy.
  • How to use energy to heal and solve problems
  • How to change your energy so you can change your life.

MONTH 4: Making Beautiful Requests 

The core message of the book, Love Money, Money Loves You, is to learn how to ask for and receive money. This is not yet taught in any business school on the planet. In this module we'll explore:

  • How to ask for anything you want in a way that works.
  • How to open yourself to receive more.
  • How to recognize and ask for what you really want.
  • How to cultivate an inner environment that supports financial flow.
Love, Wisdom and Value

MONTH 5: Receiving Wisdom and Guidance 

In today's world of rapid evolution and changing values, it's important to develop your inner, intuitive guidance system. This helps you make wise decisions and feel supported, even when you're facing huge challenges or growing rapidly. You'll discover how to:

  • Connect with your Higher Self.
  • Receive guidance from your Higher Self and other sources.
  • Develop your own conversation with Money.
  • Interpret wisdom and guidance that you receive intuitively.

MONTH 6: Opening Your Heart

The main reason for business failure is relationship problems, so it's essential to learn how to clean up your relationships and make peace when there's tension in any team, group or family. This month we focus on learning how to heal past and current relationship hurts so you can live and work in peace. We'll be exploring:

  • Why relationships can hurt so much.
  • What happens when you get hurt.
  • How to release past relationship hurts.
  • How to open your heart.
  • How to forgive in a way that lasts.

MONTH 7: Creating Value                       

Money is a representation of value, so if you want more money, or a better relationship with Money, it's all about the value you create in the world. This connects with how you value yourself and others as well as how you value your work,  products or services. We're going to take a look at:

  • How you value yourself and others.
  • How you value your work
  • How others value your work.
  • How to find a price that feels good.
  • How value connects with money.

MONTH 8: Loving Yourself

If you want a good relationship with Money, self-love is a key ingredient. It's one of those things that's easy to talk about and hard to do. In this module Sarah shares her experience of growing self-love, for herself and her clients. You'll learn:

  • Why self-love is important.
  • What gets in the way of self-love.
  • How to love yourself.
  • How to deal with the parts of yourself you don't love.
  • A special way of experiencing self-love.
"Our conversations are the most expansive (yet beautifully grounded) and inspiring conversations I’ve ever had. They come at a really important moment in my life. Deeply grateful."
Paul Dunn — Four-Time TEDx Speaker, 
Chairman of B1G1
MONTHS 9-12:
 The Deep Stuff
(that makes all the rest work)

MONTH 9: Soul Purpose and Money     

To connect your soul purpose with making money is a path to great fulfillment, note comma and it doesn't have to be as hard as it sounds. When you know how to connect with your soul and understand what its agenda is in life, it's a lot easier to make the right decisions. We're going to explore:

  • What your soul is and what it does.
  • How to discover your true soul's purpose.
  • How to follow it, whatever work you do.
  • How to bring your purpose into your work.

MONTH 10: Karma

If you're a leader and you've ever been sabotaged or betrayed, or have felt that you're not as successful as you could or should be, karma is the likely cause. Learn the process for releasing karma, which you can use over and over again, any time it comes up. You'll get answers to these questions:

  • What is karma and why is it so important?
  • How did you create and how do you release it?
  • How do you free your soul from the weight of it?
  • How do you free up your true inner power?

MONTH 11: Towards the Light 

Every human being faces a major challenge at some point in their life, and if you care about the state of the world, you may face more than your fair share of human suffering. This module helps you become a brighter light in the world, especially in times and places of confusion, conflict and instability. It works for money, too. You’ll find answers for:

  • What is the Light and what is it not?
  • Why is it important?
  • How do you turn towards the Light?
  • Why is it so relevant in today's world?

MONTH 12: World Work and the Gamechanger's Journey 

This is where the whole program comes together and you discover how your inner work is affecting the collective of humanity and how your money journey is your Batman training to become a true gamechanger in the world. When you get how this is working, your purpose and money will align, you'll work light and you'll be able to achieve the impossible. We'll be exploring:

  • The life journey of the modern gamechanger.
  • What is world work and why is it so important today?
  • What is your personal world work?
  • What can you do to make the word a better place and leave a significant legacy, whomever you are?
"I've been singing Sarah's praises everywhere, as she is brilliant, insightful and wise. Her book Love Money, Money Loves You is a gamechanger. If you want transformation around abundance, embrace Sarah's work, and you’ll see results."

Marci Shimoff — #1 NY Times Bestselling Author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul
     What is money, really?

I invite you to contemplate the possibility that money really is energy, it’s really here to help you, it’s really available to every single one of us, and it’s really unlimited. This becomes a catalyst for many other changes that follow, as you shift your energy, the way you work, and your contribution.

“Reading Love Money, Money Loves You was like looking at one of those visual puzzles – you are used to seeing it the way it first appears, but when you see the alternative picture you can never unsee it. The new perspective changes everything."

Tim Bennett — Founder of LOVE TO

What sort of change are you looking for?

It’s strange that changing your relationship with money affects so many other parts of your life, but this is the feedback I hear all the time — and it’s also what I’ve experienced myself. I'm not going to pretend it’s all easy or that it happens overnight. We’re looking at a change in consciousness here, and that takes time, patience and persistence.

But the rewards are great, and that’s worth far more than the time it takes to learn. There are many areas where it’s most common to get results, so here are some examples of people who’ve walked this path before you in my previous courses.

Sarah McCrum

Expansion of Your Money Consciousness

"The course has made me feel like the richest person on the planet. I just became intensely aware of the abundance I live in. It shifted my consciousness."

Rev. Deborah Moldow — Founder, Garden of Light

"What Sarah shares is a game and life changer that relates to money, health, EVERYTHING! I rarely do other people's programs and I can tell you that her program is one of the BEST investments I have EVER made to work with money in a whole NEW way."       

Lorraine Cohen  Phoenixville, PA, USA

Working Light

“I used to believe that working meant pushing, lots of effort, and doing everything myself—an exhausting way to work. The Working Light course has shown me a way to ride a wave of energy that supports everything I do, and to manifest real results with what seems like miraculous ease. What an eye- and heart-opener it has been to do this course! ”

David Smith — President, Highlands Geoscience

"Sarah has been my most influential life adviser. She is a brilliant teacher and helps me make sense of concepts that no one else has been able to explain. My life is much easier now because of what she has taught me. I am able to achieve more without pushing and struggling."

Matt Murphy — Managing Director, Business Advisory and Accounting, Prime Financial

More Energy

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your wonderful energy and wisdom in the form of these activations. They are 100% my "go to" safe place, comfort blanket, stress release, mood changer...and the list could go on. SO much gratitude. Xx. "

Suzanne Farrell  Facebook

"I have been taking time to relax every day, and it is helping me cope with my daily work demands... especially in being able to come home and be present for my wife."

Mahesh Kamat — Product Manager, Microsoft

A Deeper Alignment with Your Purpose

"Sarah reignited a spark in me that I thought I'd lost forever and encouraged it to blaze. Sarah's teachings continue to positively impact all aspects of my life — inner peace, self belief, purpose, connections, relationships and work. Sarah has awakened my potential, and I'm loving the journey and feeling glorious about what lies ahead."

Amanda Boreham — Yoga teacher, QLD, Australia

"Sarah has the rare capacity to listen and connect deeply. Through her listening and connecting, she intuitively finds the sweet spot where change is needed and possible. Sarah coaches without any drama, but cuts right through to the essence in a  loving, gentle, yet confronting manner."

Lars Van Tuin

Financial Results

“Cash flow has been tight last few weeks so I put out on Monday that I will have £30,000 or something better come into the account by end of the week. Turns out some funds had been misallocated and I got something better. Almost 3x that much.”

Tim Andrews — Founder, Learn Train Recruit

“Here is a story for you. Yesterday afternoon I was telling Adam (GM) about the book, then one of our young grads asked for more money. Today we had an offer to fund a grad programme for 2 years!!  Pretty quick huh.”

Terry McCosker  Director, Resource Consulting Services


Twelve 30-day Modules                                                     

Each module contains enough learning for one whole month, with video explanations and exercises, audio energy activations, PDFs, journaling exercises and bonus expansion materials.

Up to Eight Video Segments Each Month                   

The videos contain the essential learnings for each month, structured into short, accessible segments, so you can digest the materials directly and deeply.

Twenty Recorded Energy Activations Each Month 

Daily practice is key to your results in this program, and Sarah provides you with a collection of 20 themed Energy Activations for every topic. Through these 30 minute immersive audio experiences, you will feel as if your energy has gone to the gym, as it stretches into new positions and inner states every day. The overall effect becomes your generosity training program — a beautiful replacement for old-fashioned mastery training.

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Fifteen Transformances for Profound Inner Transformation 

Created by Sarah McCrum with musician, Gary Malkin, these powerful, transformational recordings go way beyond meditation, connecting you within minutes to your heart, soul and true self.

An eBook or PDF Manual for Every Topic                   

Satisfy your mind and deepen your understanding of each topic through Sarah’s writing, and grow your knowledge of yourself throughout the year.


All materials, including live coaching calls, are recorded and available to you permanently.


Connect with other course participants through our online community. This is a place to share your learning and insights, ask questions, support your fellow learners and share your new language about money and life with like-minded peers.

Interactive Exercises for Each Topic     

Each module includes exercises for deeper exploration, through discussion, journaling and reflection on questions that will challenge and stretch you.

A Special Thank-You Gift for Signing Up.

It's ideal to do this course with someone else, or even a group of friends or colleagues. Then you can share your learning, keep each other on track, and have amazing discussions as you go through each Element.

If you sign up for Thank You, Money for Business or Personal, we will give you an additional full course access for a business or personal partner.

If you sign up for Thank You, Money for Business, we will also give you the Working Light Element for up to 30 team members.


If you want to speed up your learning, here’s how to do it: Start with the Foundation Program, which takes 4 months. You need to do this in the full amount of time in order to train your energy correctly. After this, you can access all the rest of the program and take the modules in any order. You can speed them up if you like, and come back later to some of the practice materials.

If You Don't Already Know Sarah McCrum, Here's Her Story:

Sarah McCrum teaches about money and consciousness and is the author of Love Money, Money Loves You and Energy On Demand: Master Your Personal Energy and Never Burn OutShe was born and raised in the UK, and is a graduate of Cambridge University. She started her career as a school teacher and spent 10 years working for BBC Radio, traveling all over the world to interview children and share their views with an adult audience.

Her life changed direction at age 30, when her younger sister died of a brain tumour and she subsequently discovered Chinese metaphysics. She trained with masters for the next 22 years, immersing herself in a Chinese understanding of energy and natural health.

Sarah is the co-founder of The Consciousness of Money, a program that teaches us how money is interwoven through every moment of our lives, connecting us all in an invisible web of exchange. She guides students to explore how they think, feel, and act around money, in order to discover the beauty of engaging with a consciousness that supports our deepest creativity and wellbeing.

Sarah is on the faculty of the Shift Network and a member of Evolutionary Leaders and the Association for Transformational Leaders, Australia. She lives with her husband Niko on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, and coaches spiritual seekers, entrepreneurs, and gamechangers around the world.

Answers Before You Ask

How do I access the course materials?

All the recorded materials are hosted on Sarah's course platform. Live workshops are run on the Zoom videoconference platform, which you can easily access via desktop, mobile or tablet. 

How long can I access the course?
You have lifelong access to all course materials. Since no one knows how long "lifelong" really is, if we need to close the platform in the future for any reason we will contact you and let you download everything before we close it. 
What happens when I sign up?
You will be able to access all the materials for Element 1 (Transforming Your Relationship With Money). One month later, Element 2 will open up and you can move onto the next topic which is Working Light. At the beginning of Month four, Elements 4 through 12 will all become available to you. You will receive an email invitation to each live workshop and Q&A session during the year. 
Is the business program only for business owners?
The focus of the additional workshops and features in the Business Program is on how to apply the principles of Thank You, Money in business. You're welcome to join it if you work in a business—for example as an employee or consultant. Please be aware that it will be addressed mainly towards leaders and people who are responsible for decision making.
Where can I find Sarah's books?

You can buy Sarah's books in online bookstores like Amazon and Book Depository. Titles to look for include Love Money, Money Loves You and Energy On Demand: Master Your Personal Energy and Never Burn Out.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

If you're not happy with your results you can request a full refund within the first 30 days of buying the program. If you're on a monthly payment plan and you cancel your payments during the year, you will retain access to the Elements you've paid for and lose access to the rest.  

Can I binge-watch the whole course at once?

When you sign up you'll start with the Foundation Program, which is the first 3 Elements of Thank You, Money. It's extremely important that you do these Elements over 3 months and put in place a strong daily practice, which is key to your longer-term results. You will be able to access Element 1 for the first month; Element 2 will open at the beginning of Month 2, and so on.

If you purchase the 12-month program the rest of the Elements (5 through 12) will unlock at the beginning of month 5 and you will be able to skip around or speed up the process if you like. At this point it's fine to binge-watch the videos and binge-listen to the podcasts, but there's no binging on the daily practice. That still needs to be done day by day.

Can I do the Elements in a different order?

We recommend you do the Elements in the order they are presented, but once you've done the Foundation Program (months 1 to 3), if there's an Element you need to do urgently, you may wish to change the order. 

I don't think I can afford the program, but would love to participate somehow...

If you can't afford the program, the best thing you can possibly do is learn how to transform your relationship with money so you can afford what you want in the future. There are several ways you can do this:

1. The Catalyst Program offers the Foundation Program for half price. Use it to learn and practice as best you can in order to afford the rest of Thank You, Money.

2. Buy the book Love Money, Money Loves You, and learn all the principles. 

3. Watch my YouTube videos and read my blog for free. 

Can I share the program with my partner?

If you enroll in Thank You, Money for Business, you can share it with a personal or business partner. If you enroll in Thank You, Money Personal you can share the program with a personal partner or spouse. Your partner will receive their own login. This will be arranged via email after you sign up. 

My partner isn't sure about doing the program. Can they start later?

Yes, they can start at any time. It's fine for you to start now and them to join in later. 

Where can I learn more about the affiliate program?
Our Thank You, Money Partner Program is a great way to grow your business consciously. Please email partners@sarahmccrum.com if you believe it would be worth getting involved before you start the program. Otherwise we recommend learning first and then sharing it once you're a little more familiar with the materials. 
Sarah’s clarity, groundedness, and authenticity make it all so simple. She cuts right through both the 'heady' stuff about money and the 'woo-woo,' and instead approaches this topic from a profoundly different place by taking us straight back to the heart. It’s nigh on impossible to grasp the profundity of the difference this makes to our understanding of money, until you have listened to, worked with, and learned more about how love and money are interlinked in ways that we have never imagined. 
Sandie Sedgbeer Radio host, journalist, and author
How to Join the Program

You can buy the whole program in advance or start with the first 4 Elements.

The first 4 Elements of this
12-month program
or 4 payments of $200
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  • Comprehensive access to the first 4 months of the program
  • Dynamic online community
  • Email support


The full 12-month program for individuals
or 11 payments of $200
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  • Get everything in the Foundation Program, plus:
  • The important final 8 months of the 12-month program
  • Twelve live monthly online Q&A sessions
The full program, with additional robust support for entrepreneurs, leaders and their teams
or 11 payments of $750
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  • Get everything in the Personal Program, plus:
  • Twelve 2-hour live workshops with Sarah on Business Applications for Thank You Money
  • Connect with your peers in conscious practice groups
Catalyst Program

If you’re genuinely unable to afford these prices, we’re offering the Foundation Program for half price. This is because you clearly need to learn more about money and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to join. Please click here to access The Catalyst Program.

If this is still too expensive, we recommend you start by reading or listening to Sarah’s book, Love Money, Money Loves You. If you apply what you learn in the book you will gradually be able to build up to a point where you can afford the course. 


We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.