Preparing For A Creative Christmas

Creative Christmas

I keep being asked what I’m doing for Christmas. My original plan was to do as little as possible after a long and busy year.

But a month ago I started having ideas. They were very inspiring. I came up with the name Liberate Humanity and registered the domain, It speaks so directly to my personal purpose of liberating the human spirit that I couldn’t resist exploring what it might look like.

It was immediately clear that it’s an ecosystem of tools, courses and businesses that support healing, transformation and liberation. It was also clear that community and sharing lie at the heart of it.

I wanted it to start on 1 January 2022. That seemed highly unlikely because it hardly gave me time to prepare anything. Then I was invited to participate in an event called 7 DAYS of REST, which runs for the first seven days of the year. 

How perfect. I will launch Liberate Humanity with seven days of rest to prepare for all the activity that will follow.

So my idea about Christmas has changed. It’s become a Creative Christmas. I’m going to treat every day like Sunday. 

That means I put myself first and do some creative work whenever I feel like it. It feels more nourishing than my original “do as little as possible” version. 

I’m so looking forward to having time for being creative without squeezing it between meetings and business obligations. I will also walk along the beach, swim in the ocean and enjoy time on my farm. That’s the magic of Christmas in Australia. 

My motto for this end of the year is “look for joy.” It feels like a good way for all of us to enter 2022.

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