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There’s a moment when you have a wish. It rises up from somewhere inside you. It’s sincere and heartfelt. It’s what you’d love to experience in the future. 

There’s another moment when your wish is fulfilled. By the time it comes about it feels inevitable. You’re ready for it. It’s natural and graceful. It’s as if it had to happen.

In between the moment of inception and the moment of fulfilment there’s a gap. It’s time that elapses. It may be very short or it can feel like an eternity. 

What happens in the gap is the key to your happiness, wellbeing and life purpose. It’s also where all challenges arise, where upgrades take place, where releasing and detoxing happen and where vision, courage, determination, patience, relaxation and many other qualities are called for. 

A Formula for the Gap

My book, Love Money, Money Loves You, is mostly about the gap, and it shares 3 simple principles for surviving that difficult time. 

  1. Relax
    It seems counter-intuitive to relax when you want something to happen. Most people go into “massive action”, but this can obscure what you really need to be doing. When you relax, you see clearly what’s useful and what’s a waste of time. Relaxation also helps you to be open and receive energy, so you’re in a constant upgrade. When you upgrade your energy enough, your wish is fulfilled. 
  2. Enjoy
    This may be even more counter-intuitive. We’ve been taught to work hard to get what we want. Suffering seems more popular than enjoyment. But when you’re enjoying life, you’re open. There’s flow. You create the ideal circumstances for good things to happen. You also create a more positive future because you’re not constantly thinking about what’s wrong or what you’re missing. 
  3. Love
    This is the big one. The energy of love creates attraction. It brings towards you anything that can help you move forward and it pushes away from you the distractions and problems that will slow you down. The aim is to love what you do, who you are and everything about your life. Love is also a powerful dissolver of problems. It takes you to the next level where the problem no longer exists. In my experience you don’t need to feel love very strongly. What’s important is that you’re sincere in bringing love to the situation and to your life, especially where it’s hard. 

These three unlikely candidates for a Formula for the Gap might drive you crazy. It’s a lot easier to go into overdrive, doing everything you can possibly think of to move towards your wish, than it is to relax and enjoy whatever’s going on. The problem is that most people are so busy that they end up missing all the little breadcrumbs that show them the shortcuts and direct path to the fulfilment of their wish. Then they have to do it the hard way because they don’t even see the easier way. 

If you can handle the gap gracefully, even when it feels like everything is against you and nothing is ever going to work, you will be amazed at how your wishes get fulfilled. 

The gap is the place where superpowers develop and life mastery is gained. 

If you want to explore how to handle the gap with patience, please check out our podcast, Is Patience Really Useful?

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