Love To Be Well Pilot

Thank you for joining the Love To Be Well pilot program. No need to give your name and email because we already have it. We’ve added you to the list.

Please keep an eye on all emails from me as I will let you know when it’s time to take the next step.

This is the process we expect will take place:

Step 1: Make a claim for the health and wellbeing benefits you’ve created over the last 20 years
This is an informal process where you fill in a form to estimate what you’ve done in terms of exercise (and possibly other activities) and we can determine an approximate value.

Step 2: Verify your claim
This will usually come from clubs and other organisations that hold records of your attendance at events, training, classes etc. Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to verify your activity at this stage. This is what we’ll be working on over the next few months.

Step 3: Receive your shares
They will be held in a secure account. Depending on the level of verification you’ve supplied, you will be able to sell a percentage of each share if you choose. You will also be able to hold them as an asset that is paid a dividend each year.

Step 4: Keep improving or maintaining your health and wellbeing and keep good records so they’re easy to verify
Receive additional shares each year, based on your activity.

This is a pilot program so it could take six months or longer to go through these steps the first time. Eventually it will be much quicker and easier. There may be changes to the process along the way. and I’ll do my best to keep you informed. Thank you for joining and helping to make this very special opportunity real.

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