How to Handle Challenging Energy

How To Handle Challenging Energy Wp

There are times when the energy of the world feels particularly challenging. Now is one of those times. So don’t be surprised if life seems more difficult than usual.

Energy’s like weather. It’s constantly moving and therefore changing. Sometimes it’s more stable and sometimes it’s turbulent. No two days are ever exactly the same. In fact, no two moments are the same. The movement and change never end.

Just like weather, it can be good for some people and bad for others. I once had two neighbours. She couldn’t handle the heat and loved winter. He thrived in sunshine in summer and always felt cold in the winter. But some weather is challenging for all of us – big storms, excessive snowfall, burning hot temperatures.

The energy of this year is pretty challenging (and last year too). This month seems to me to be especially intense. You might find yourself releasing a lot of old energy, which can make you feel old insecurities you thought were already long gone. You can also experience more turbulence in your health, relationships, money or business. And of course we can see this everywhere in the world at the moment.

It’s easy to lose internal balance when the energy is exceptionally challenging. You can get caught up in more negative thinking than usual, even when you know that you know better. You may simply not feel good, which is unpleasant and frustrating. Little things may catch you off guard and upset you disproportionately.

I find it important to be gentle with myself at these times. It’s so easy to try and push through it but it creates a lot of resistance which doesn’t help at all.

I always remind myself that when so much old stuff is being released it means that lots of new energy is coming in. This is good. It means we’re evolving rapidly. That can be uncomfortable and disconcerting, but the revolution is going to happen anyway, however we feel about it.

The most important thing is to keep relaxing, whatever is going on. Like every other storm, it will pass. There will be new growth afterwards. We will all learn something about ourselves and others in the meantime.

When it’s hard to see clearly anymore, it’s not because everything is unclear. It’s because you need a more expanded perspective, which will bring a new level of clarity.

This is the saviour in the most challenging of energies. If I can slow down, get quiet, relax and open up my curiosity, that’s when I discover new beauty and truth and clarity in the midst of the appearance of chaos.

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