How to Balance Your Digestion

How To Balance Your Digestion

If you have any kind of imbalance in your digestive system you will probably have spent some time adjusting your diet and wondering what’s the best food to eat.

I wrote about this some months ago and explained why I believe it is so important to focus more on strengthening your digestive system than on what food you eat.

This does not mean it doesn’t matter what you eat at all. But in my experience over many years of working with people, I have always found that the more people relax and balance themselves emotionally and energetically the better food choices they make. And it’s completely natural.

I cannot count the number of times someone has reported to me in a surprised voice that they didn’t want coffee any more, or that they couldn’t drink any alcohol, or that they simply don’t feel any need to eat sweet things any longer. In fact it’s happened twice this week already.

Yesterday I was asked how to balance the digestive system. I’m going to look at two areas: 1. Balancing your energy so you make naturally healthy choices. 2. Filling the spiritual hole inside so you can let go of cravings and addictive behaviour.

Balance your energy

A healthy human being has a balance of new energy flowing into the system and old energy flowing out of it. We don’t want to be too full of old energy because it becomes stagnant and life gets too static. But we also don’t want to be too full of new energy –  that’s like constantly getting new ideas but never doing anything with them and life would be moving too fast to find any balance.

When we’re very nervous and always trying to speed everything up in an unnatural way we push ourselves out of balance energetically and the digestive system can be one of the first areas to complain. Stomach ulcers, IBS and other nervous conditions tend to arise.

When we’re too slow to react and very resistant to the natural changes of life, we go out of balance the other way because we’re not moving enough – and the digestive system will slow down resulting in constipation, bloating and wind and other more blocked conditions.

The key to balancing energetically is simple – relax!

When we’re relaxed our system find its own balance. We open up and receive a healthy supply of fresh energy which is able to nourish all the internal organs. We can react to life’s changes in a natural way and let go of the past at the appropriate time. And a healthy digestive system will be supported.

If you know your digestive system is out of balance energetically your priority is to learn how to relax and receive fresh energy. This is not sitting in front of the TV or reading a book. It’s relaxing in a way that softens your body, opens all your energy meridians and allows the energy to flow unhindered throughout the body. It’s a wonderful experience and deeply healing.

I have seen people heal multiple food allergies, IBS, severe, undiagnosable, incurable stomach pain, candida, constipation and a whole lot more, often in a matter of days or weeks when they learned to relax.

If you have a digestive problem and you need advice on what you can do you are welcome to email me and ask for help.

But there is another deeper reason why our digestion gets out of balance. This also affects our energy, but I have found that relaxation is not always enough for this aspect.

Fill your spiritual hole

Many people talk about feeling a hole inside themselves that they just can’t fill. I remember in my 20s how I could eat an entire loaf of bread and jam, but I just couldn’t get the satisfaction I was looking for. Many people drink alcohol or coffee or overeat in an attempt to fill this hole.

There’s only one thing I have ever known to fill that hole and that is spiritual connection – having a sense of the Divine or feeling the presence of the Divine in your life. You can use whatever words you like here, but the experience is more or less the same whether you connect with God, the Light, Love, Source, Spirit.

The key is that this connection is beyond the world of matter and form. It is a connection with a level of consciousness that is higher than human (often way way higher), that uplifts us, gives us peace and makes us feel whole.

When we feel whole, that hole we were so desperately trying to fill disappears. It’s useful to remember this, because in the moment when you recognise your eating is off balance you might take a few minutes to connect spiritually before you start to eat.  It will transform the experience of eating very quickly.

If you don’t know how to connect spiritually there are many things you can do, but it’s much easier if you can get support from someone who can help you experience that spiritual connection for yourself. This is not something you can easily learn from books and it’s not an intellectual activity.

It requires a gentleness of approach and a willingness to be sincere that is humbling. It makes life feel very simple and clear and shows us how much we tend to fill it up with unnecessary noise and drama.

Any of the following activities may help: prayer, meditation, listening to spiritual music, opening yourself to the Divine, talking sincerely about spirituality. I have written a few blogs about how to connect with your higher self which may help you to develop this divine connection. And you are always welcome to ask questions or request advice on what you can do to develop your own personal spiritual connection.

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Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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