How Gratitude Links with Abundance

106. Old Blog How Gratitude Links With Abundance

There’s something very special about gratitude because it opens you and creates flow.

We tend to think of gratitude, at a normal everyday level, as being thankful for what you receive. Somebody gives you a present and you say thank you. You say thank you for things that have happened or the people who are in your life.

Gratitude opens your heart. It opens you to a very deep level, especially if you experience gratitude simply in itself. Not gratitude for something, but gratitude for everything; gratitude for being here; gratitude for life; gratitude for gratitude’s sake.

Many successful business people, especially in the lighter new economy, talk about how gratitude is a key part of what’s made them successful. And a lot of attention has been drawn to it in terms of healing depression and many other issues in life.

I’ve observed that when we’re grateful we create a supply of a very sweet kind of energy back into the life system.

What I discovered from writing “Love Money, Money Loves You” is the beautiful exchange system between us and the energy we call Money. It’s much higher consciousness than humans and is endlessly giving. It said on the first page of the book “I’m always here for you and I will always love you.”

I learned that the fulfilment of the Money energy is in supplying to us. And when we feel fulfilled (because we’re in the flow of that supply) we emanate this very sweet energy, which you can feel. It’s a grateful, easy, comfortable feeling inside yourself, which naturally vibrates out of you. It’s a peaceful, happy, really delightful energy, which creates a positive flow into the energy system itself and that positive flow is what life is all about.

And so through our human experience of feeling fulfilment, we also provide fulfilment to the energy that supplies us. This is a place of natural gratitude.

So gratitude isn’t just about receiving. It’s also about supplying energy. It creates circulation which is why gratitude enables you to receive more and more.

When you can tap into that level of gratitude that opens your heart, it opens the flow of the exchange, of the currency of love, which is the currency of generosity, which is the currency of abundance, which is the currency, which is the flow, the current of money.

We tend to think of money as being currency, but it’s more truthful to see that currency, flow, turns into money.

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