Handling the uncertainty

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I saw this today on Facebook. It felt so appropriate for this time – and strangely familiar at the same time. It turned out to be a quote from my own book, Love Money, Money Loves You. This is the energy of money, talking to us.

“You will get the resources and abilities you need when you need them, as long as you stay on the way of enjoyment and lightness.

Through your daily practice you are learning how to flow and how to move step by step without knowing what is coming next. This is very important as much of the coming years you will feel blind. You will only be able to trust by the strength of your enjoyment and by a sense of fulfilment and inner satisfaction that will tell you again and again that what you are doing must be right even if you don’t know where it is leading.

Your old style of planning will fail you in the new world. You must prepare yourself and we are giving you instructions to help you be ready.

Remember, those who walk forward in enjoyment and pleasure will know at all times that they are going in the right direction, although they will often not know what that direction is. Those who are serious and heavy and have not learnt the new way will feel totally disoriented, confused and afraid because their feelings will not give them any inner guidance. So take this time now to learn to walk step by step through life, trusting without knowing the direction.

Use your feelings of enjoyment as your compass, guiding you infallibly towards a bright future. If you slip off the path towards the serious or heavy world of the past, quickly correct yourself and step on to the path again.

Do not let other people who know less than you put you off with their criticism, doubt or laughter. Be clear what you want and what you believe in, and keep moving in that sure direction. You do not need to make a big show of your enjoyment. Share it with those who have eyes to see it. Keep it private with those who will mock you.

Through this enjoyment every step will follow. You will not need complicated plans to guide you. You will take one step at a time and as you complete each step you will automatically know which direction to take your next step. You will feel your life unfolding in front of you. You will often be sweetly surprised. You will feel supported by the invisible world around you. You will be very sure without needing to make any show. You will lead those who have less experience than you, but it is your enjoyment and pleasure that will attract and lead them, not your knowledge or plans.

Take time now to learn. It will be well rewarded.”

That was written 7 years ago. Little did I realise at the time how true it would become.
And it all comes together in The Consciousness of Money, a 3 day retreat where we delve into our relationship with money and work and self in a unique and deeply illuminating way. If you’re drawn to live and lead more lightly, engage intimately with the energy of money and explore the extraordinary generosity of life in a small group of like-hearted people, please email me now to ask about joining our next retreat.

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