The Gift of Human Sensitivity

highly sensitive woman

We are extraordinarily sensitive beings.

Most of us grew up learning only about the five senses through which we access and interact with the physical world. But this is such a tiny part of what we’re capable of sensing.

We have long honoured artists who sense more than we can ordinarily perceive. Great artists convey unspoken messages through their work that touch the deeper places inside us.

Many people have a fascination with psychics and mediums who have the ability to sense subtle information, sometimes very accurately. I’m frequently surprised how many people have had experiences of communication or subtle sensing of non-physical presences, whether it’s people on the other side, ghosts or something that gives them goosebumps.

For me, what’s most interesting is the capacity we all have for greater sensitivity. It starts with intuition and expands from there.

Sensing is the ability to read energy. It’s the way we access the subtle world of spirit, energy and the intangible world inside life. When our subtle senses are switched on and working well, we receive a lot of highly valuable information that we completely miss if we rely solely on our material senses.

For example, we can sense:

  • what other people are feeling
  • who has integrity
  • solutions that will work (and which ones won’t work)
  • when a decision is aligned with our best interest
  • what is the potential outcome of a decision or direction
  • when there’s something wrong that is going to cause problems in the future
  • how to communicate in a way that will engage the other person
  • the future

Can you imagine the power of accessing this kind of information in business and in your work? It can give you superpower-like capability.

The sad thing is that most people’s subtle senses have been largely switched off because of trauma, overemphasis on material values, overstimulation of the body and misunderstanding of fundamental life principles.

I’m organising a free virtual summit called ENERGETICS For Highly Sensitive People. I’m going to interview five experts on high sensitivity to explore how they’ve found a way to navigate their challenges and bring out their special gifts.

Please check out our speakers and sign up here:

ENERGETICS for highly sensitive people

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