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As long as you’re alive you’re receiving new energy and releasing old energy. That’s a fundamental principle of life.

The new energy is the universe coding for your future. It’s the life instructions for every aspect of your life as it unfolds. It holds the message of your physical processes (heartbeat, breathing and the trillions of tiny movements that keep you alive), and all your life events (the ideas, activities, meetings, opportunities and every other element of every day you’re alive).

The new energy is always fresh. It feels good. It’s new which means you’ve never experienced it before. It’s unfamiliar. It’s always more coherent than the old energy. It brings healing, relief from suffering, solutions to problems and inner peace.

The new energy is the source of your contribution to life, your creativity and your productivity. Once you receive new energy it becomes part of your system. Ideas turn into projects. Opportunities turn into reality. Hopes and dreams become tangible. The new energy is the source of your contribution to life, your creativity and your productivity.

Gradually, what started out as new energy becomes older and the time comes when it needs to be released from your system. Healthy ways of releasing are selling your product or service (passing the benefit on to someone else), fulfilling your responsibilities (to your children, community, employer etc), and participating fully in life.

Sometimes we hold onto energy for too long. For example, a painful incident from your childhood becomes a story that is told over and over again. It starts to define who you are and who you’re becoming, when it actually belongs in your past, not your future. Now your system is getting out of balance and you’re becoming increasingly dysfunctional. Eventually, if you go too far out of balance, you’ll become sick.

This is the point where many people start to focus on the old energy. They ask repeatedly, “What’s wrong with me?” They look for blockages and learn techniques for releasing them. For some, this takes years and the point may come when you realise that however many blockages you find and release, there’s always another one. It ends up being an emotional rollercoaster. You feel better after the release, and then disappointed and flat when the next blockage shows up and you have to start all over again. 

There’s a problem here.

The natural system is that the new energy comes in, becomes useful and is then released. As long as you continue receiving plenty of new energy, it will gradually push out all the old energy and release it without you needing to do anything.

The best thing you can do is not get in the way of the natural energy. You do this by:

  1. Facing towards the future (not the past)
  2. Being present (not trying to live in the future or the past)
  3. Letting go of the past (not recycling its stories over and over again)

When you pay too much attention to the past, and to your energy blockages, they become your food. They take the place of new energy you could be receiving. This is like eating very old, mouldy food. It’s extremely unhealthy and will make you sick.

If you want a healthy life, it’s essential you keep eating fresh, good quality food. The rest will largely take care of itself.

How do you receive fresh, high quality energy?

You relax, enjoy life and remember that every moment is new. You’ve never been here before so you don’t have all the answers – and that’s exactly as it should be. You pay attention to being open, listening, sensing what’s going on at a subtle level and being fully alive. You let go of the need to control life and live it instead.

You’ll find your old energy releases itself naturally this way. Mostly this will happen through your daily activities. Your old energy becomes compost that is valuable for others (your ideas, your work, your conversations etc).

When you’re releasing very old or blocked energy it may feel uncomfortable for a while. You may feel sick, emotional or stuck in any area of your life.

At this point there is only one useful thing you can do. Remind yourself that this is old energy releasing (which is a good thing) and keep receiving new energy. That means relax, enjoy life and remember that every moment is new. The new energy you receive as a result will reorganise your energy, heal your symptoms, regulate your emotions and bring solutions to your problems.

Life becomes much simpler this way and it works better.

In my experience this approach works for everything with a single exception. When you’ve suppressed emotions because they were too painful to handle they won’t usually be relaxed through relaxation and enjoyment (or meditation). You need a special technique for these cases.

You recognise this when you get triggered by other people’s behaviour. However much you relax, there’s still an emotional charge. I use two techniques for these cases, called Open Your Heart and Karma Release. They are powerful methods that produce peace and a permanent resolution of the pattern that triggered you.

Apart from those emotional triggers, the fundamental principles of energy I’ve shared here are simple and universal.

New energy in.

Old energy out.

There’s no value in digging around, poking at your blockages.

Make sure you’re paying attention to receiving new energy.

Face the future. Be present. Let go of the past.

Sarah’s book: Energy On Demand: Master Your Personal Energy and Never Burn Out

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