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Here’s an interesting story of what happened to a guy called Lloyd Burrell (in his words).

One cold sunny day in February 2002 I put my cell phone to my ear to answer a call.

And that’s when it started. Just like that out of the blue.

Within a few short calls I was experiencing head pain (hot ear and hot head), prickly, tingling skin when I used the phone. Other symptoms were quick to follow; recurrent day long blinding headaches, massive fatigue, dizziness, muscle cramps, stomach pains, metallic taste in the mouth, weight gain, weight loss….

I’d heard in books and Hollywood movies, how someone’s life could change in a second. I never thought it would happen to me.

I just thought, that like the cold, or the flu, or everything else that I’d ‘had’ up until then, that it would blow over.

It didn’t. It got worse. I started to react to anything and everything electrical.

Worse still, my doctor and the whole medical establishment seemed to have no clue as to how to deal with it.

“Your cell phone! You seriously expect me to believe your cell phone is harming you! If that was the case, I would know about it.” To paraphrase (she said it in French) one neurologist I visited. 

3 years later, I came across an article in my newspaper and I discovered there were other people just like me. They were reacting to this thing called electromagnetic fields. They called it ‘EMF sensitivity’.

I started to read the EMF science.

What became very clear to me, is that EVERYBODY is impacted by man-made EMFs, it’s just that some people, like me, can feel it.

After years of searching and re-searching, eventually another truth came to the surface, not only was I sensitive to EMFs, I was sensitive to ‘energy’.

Wow, this did explain a lot. And it gave me the beginnings of a strategy and a glint of hope.

The strategy was 1) learn about man-made EMFs and how to measure and mitigate their effects 2) learn about ‘natural energies’, how to work with and harness the beneficial effects of natural energies.

Fast forward to 2020, at the beginning of the year (before the whole Covid thing blew up) I started to ask myself some questions.

Big questions, like why are you here Lloyd (on the planet at this time) and what do you want to achieve?

Conclusion: I wanted to continue helping people, continue sharing. But I wanted to go further. Deeper.

Because what I’ve been talking about mostly online since 2009, are EMFs, EMFs, EMFs….

But dealing with these (man-made) EMFs is only PART of the solution.

The KEY is dealing with ENERGY—both the non-beneficial energies (man-made EMFs) and the beneficial.

The idea came to me to do a summit on this theme, to interview the most brilliant scientists, researchers, medical doctors, EMF experts, to share the truth about energy and health.

To explore amazing (and sometimes NEW opportunities)… like Energy Medicine, Overcoming Energetic Blockages and Trauma, PEMFs , Sound Therapy, Herbal and Earth Medicine, The Schumann Resonance, Quantum Energy, Near InfraRed Light Protocols, and so much more.

And The Healing With Vibration Summit snowballed from there.

I’ve been able to connect with 50 world-renowned experts on everything ENERGY who share their wisdom on how to best protect yourself from the plague of man-made EMFs which is now assaulting our bodies 24/7, AND how to harness the beneficial energies of nature or sources that mimic nature.

Each of them shares their top 3 tips for healing with vibration and it’s free to watch between 22 and 28 September.  

If you or someone you know relates to this story, please click here to sign up for Lloyd’s event.

You’ll find an interview with my friend, David Router, who’s a wonderful energy wizard and has helped me enormously over the years. I believe he’s the main reason why people often describe me as being grounded. He taught me how to ground my energy in a very special way.

With appreciation



EMFs and beyond: Photo by Валерия on Unslpash

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