Business Is The Sharing Of Pleasure

64. Business Is The Sharing Of Pleasure

In my many conversations with money, I have learnt that business is the sharing of beauty, pleasure and goodness. It uplifts human beings, enabling us to share our gifts and contribute to each other and to our communities.

Business is an expression of creativity. It’s a way to solve problems and create ways of living that allow more beauty, pleasure and goodness in the world.

When a business is based on these simple principles, it’s profoundly satisfying and enjoyable for all who connect with it. When it’s out of alignment with these principles, it leaves a feeling of something missing.

Can you imagine how your local supermarket will change if it approaches business this way? Or your Internet provider? Or your marketing consultant?

Can you imagine how different you can be if you can embrace beauty, pleasure and goodness in your work?

This is powerful because you can do it today. You don’t need to wait until you’ve learnt more, achieved more or arrived somewhere. It’s always possible to create beauty, whether in a spreadsheet or a meeting. It’s always possible to experience pleasure, simply because you choose to live that way. It’s always possible to express goodness because it feels so much better than compromise or reactivity or half-heartedness.

Sharing beauty, pleasure and goodness makes us happy, fulfilled and free. That’s what most people are looking for.

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