Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?

093. Highly Sensitive

Being highly sensitive is both a challenge and a gift in today’s world. The challenge is that life can feel overwhelming at times, especially when your environment is noisy and busy or people around you have pushy, invasive energy. The gift is that you’re able to sense what’s going on around you with ease and you probably know that there’s huge potential inside you, even if it feels somewhat trapped or restricted. 

According to Psychology Today, “if you react strongly to criticism, become physically and emotionally overstimulated more easily than others do, and have a rich inner life, you may score highly in sensory processing sensitivity. You may also feel as if you have a higher capacity for empathy and are quite sensitive to others’ moods.”

It’s described as a personality trait, but if you read the psychological literature, you might come away feeling that being highly sensitive is more of a problem than anything else. 

This all changes when you look at it through the lens of energy. The challenges you experience if you’re highly sensitive arise from your energetic sensitivity. This means you receive a lot of subtle information from your environment, which less sensitive people may not pick up. 

Many children learn to detune their energy when they’re very young so they don’t get overwhelmed by this information, especially if their parents or teachers don’t appreciate it because they don’t have the same sensitivity or perspective. The problem is that when you detune yourself you shut down the very senses that you rely on to give you key information about life and that’s why you end up experiencing problems.

If instead you tune up your subtle capability and open up those senses that got turned off, you discover the potential for a quality of life that is rich and deeply fulfilling. You also free up special abilities that are only available when you’re energetically high functioning. 

If you want to explore more about being highly sensitive, I’ve just created a brand new Youtube channel with David Router, my friend and teacher who’s a wizard (and Master) of energy. It’s called Energetics: For Highly Sensitive People and every week we’ll be adding a new video about the extraordinary opportunities of being highly sensitive. 

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