A Unique Individual in a Connected Universe

A Unique Individual Wp

How do you do it?

How do you live as a unique individual in a world full of stereotypes and archetypes?

How do you know in the depths of your being that you are connected with all of it? That you’re a part of Nature, Earth, the Cosmos and Life?

These are big enough questions, but there’s an even bigger one.

How do you bring the two together? How do you express your uniqueness, knowing you’re one with all of it?

How do you live as a connected being, whilst being a quirky individual who doesn’t quite fit anything except yourself?

These are pertinent questions for all of us, especially at this time.

It may sound strange, but my work on my relationship with money has given me more answers than any spiritual teaching or personal development program. Once I discovered that money is energy and we’re connected with it in beautiful ways, I discovered practical ways to express my personal, unique creativity through my work and business.

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