A Simple Formula For Growing Your Business Consciously

A Simple Formula For Growing Your Business Consciously Wp

Here’s a business formula that I’ve found very useful recently. It helped me to see that I was unnecessarily blocking myself in an area that was working reasonably well. It also helped me identify where I need to pay most attention in order to grow my business.


The people you’d like to work with need to be aware of your business and what you’re about. Then they can decide if it has any relevance to them or not. 


Once they’re aware of you, you will need to get their attention from time to time. This usually happens in a moment. They receive an email from you and they choose to open and read it. They hear someone talk about your business and they do a google search. They glance at a list of videos on Youtube and choose to play one of them.


Once you have their attention they need to be attracted to what you’re doing or offering them. Attraction is powerful, generous and respectful. It doesn’t include forceful, emotional or manipulative approaches such as using fear of missing out, guilt or shame to induce them to engage with your business. 

True attraction is never needy or greedy. It’s an energy of invitation that grants freedom to the other person to move towards your offer if they wish to, and equally grants them freedom to move away. 


Your communication that creates attraction must stimulate action. Otherwise, it’s taking up space but not creating value. 

If you give people freedom to make their own decisions and you attract them towards a better life, it will lead them to take some action or make a change. This will result in a purchase of your offer if it’s right for them, or they may decide to do something different. That’s their choice. 


If someone purchases your offer or buys your product, it must help them to achieve something, whether it’s sanding a table, creating inner transformation, making more money or enjoying an evening out. It’s the value that your product or service delivers. If your customer doesn’t achieve anything it means your product wasn’t worth buying. 

But the real value comes when they appreciate it. What you appreciate appreciates, ie it grows. People share their appreciation by talking about it to their friends, doing more of it and becoming fans. This makes it much easier to grow your business.

If you want to listen to a discussion of this simple formula, my business partner, Matt Murphy, and I talked about it on our podcast recently: 


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