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Author of Love Money, Money Loves You
How can you relax about money?
How can you ask for and receive what you really want?
How can you feel powerful in your relationship with money?
How can you give yourself permission to feel good about money?
How can you unlearn the habits that are holding you back at the moment?

How can you let go of stress, worry and scarcity and experience abundance, generosity and joy?
And how can you do all of this in today's unpredictable world?


About Sarah McCrum

Most people experience fear and stress around money and they’re not aware how much it’s influencing their family, financial life and impact in the world.

Sarah McCrum is an author, teacher and business innovator who helps you transform your relationship with money so you can experience abundance, fulfilment and a life of generosity. 

Over 10,000 people have joined her online courses, based on her book, Love Money, Money Loves You.