Your Inner Prophet

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Have you ever made a wish that’s so beautiful, you can hardly believe it’s possible for it to come true?

Have you ever had the feeling you could create something extraordinary, but had no clue how you would actually do it?

Have you ever had a vision of yourself living a life that is so powerful or impactful that you’re not sure if you’re capable of living up to your own expectations?

Sometimes we push away these moments of clarity, afraid of the power and expansion they imply. Sometimes we go into denial, feeling we could never be good enough for something so inspiring. And sometimes we believe it’s a fantasy and relegate it to the hidden corners of our imagination, never taking it seriously enough to allow it to become real.

But there is another approach which is much more fulfilling. If you accept this kind of wish or vision as a prediction, or even a prophecy, of your own future, your life will start to take a different path.

You’ll see yourself making wiser decisions that help you align with the direction of your vision. It will seem as if life is giving you a subtle form of training so you’re prepared for the full level of energy and responsibility you’re going to need as you move forward toward this expanded future. You may face some significant challenges that feel like difficult tests at the time but turn out later to have been exactly what you needed. 

More significant is that when you sincerely accept a powerful wish or an uplifting vision of yourself, the energy world steps up to support you. A team of invisible allies, guides, and other forms of support lines up behind you, ready to do the heavy lifting that will make your dream a reality.

If you don’t know this is what’s going on, you may experience that support as pressure, discomfort, or even resistance. Your team is supplying you with a lot of energy and it’s unfamiliar to you. It can feel as if there’s something wrong with you, or you may experience anxiety or fear. These are the feelings of resisting the unknown and fighting the new energy that’s being supplied to you.

It’s important to understand that the process of fulfilling your wish or dream is likely to be a development that will take many years, even decades. There’s so much to learn, explore and experience in order for your dream or wish to become your reality.

If you can learn to relax and enjoy what’s happening along the way, including all the mistakes, failures, and experiments that didn’t work, you’ll have a lot of fun and life will become a true adventure for your soul. That means that you will feel on track long before your vision is fully manifested. 

In fact, what’s most likely is that your vision will continue to expand, your wishes will become more beautiful, and your life will keep on growing. You’ll never finally arrive at your original destination, because there’s always more ahead of you, but you’ll pass through times when you remember what you once wished for and realise that wish was fulfilled more beautifully than you could ever have imagined. 


Photo by Bekah Russom on Unsplash

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