A masterclass taught by Sarah McCrum
The beauty of Working Light 
Working light is an enquiry that will transform the way you work, especially if you tend to work too hard for your own good. It's a way to make work lighter, easier, more enjoyable and more productive.

It's not a formula. There's no fixed way of doing it. It only works if you participate wholeheartedly. The outcomes are different for each person. 

It starts with questioning the way you're working at the moment with courage and honesty. Does the way you work really work? Is it getting you the outcomes you want? Are others also getting the outcomes they want? Is it working for your health and wellbeing? Is it supporting your family the way you want? Is it aligned with your purpose? Is it sustainable in the long-term? Is it a good example for others? Would you wish your children to work the same way as you do?

It requires consciousness and willingness to question your behaviour and beliefs. If you show up for the enquiry the rewards are remarkable. You'll shift patterns that have been stuck for a very long time and you'll know how to keep changing what's not working for you in the future. 

This is powerful stuff that you can't possibly get from a copy and paste formula or a "do it my way" teacher. 

In Working Light Sarah McCrum will lead you, without imposing on you, so you can find a way of working that is truly light and works well for you and your life. She will help you activate your natural potential and discover for yourself the keys to changing habits for good.

Emma Avignon
CEO, Mentore Consulting
I thoroughly recommend Sarah's work to anyone wanting more energy, greater calmness and happiness and to have a more thoughtful and nuanced impact in their life.
Letter From Sarah McCrum
We're working very smart but is it working?

I connect with some successful people. They've worked very hard and they've worked very smart to get to where they are. By most people's standards they've made it - although they may not always feel that way themselves because there's so much more ahead of them.

But there's a problem which especially affects smart, capable people who have a big vision and want to make a meaningful difference in the world.

If it takes so much hard work and such a huge level of smart decision-making to create regular business success, what's it going to take when you're also challenging the status quo, doing things differently, educating people, taking them on a journey and stretching yourself into new territory all the time?

In the past it's been pretty normal for gamechangers to struggle in the mainstream. Buckminster Fuller never had more money than he needed, which can feel like a precarious way to live. Nikola Tesla died a pauper, having invented some of the most significant technologies of his generation. Like being an artist, changing the world is generally seen to come at a huge price.

But there's a different energy around now where people of all generations are asking for more. They don't want to sacrifice themselves for years on the altar of hard work - although most of them work very hard while they figure out how not to. They don't want to make money and ignore their greater purpose - although most of them keep working at making money while they figure out their purpose. They don't want to limit their connection with their kids because of their ambition to achieve their potential - although most of them struggle to be present with the kids because their mind is so busy with business.

So we have to find a better way.

My parents used to say. "You can't have your cake and eat it." "You have to compromise."  It drove me crazy when I was very young. I couldn't understand the point of giving up the cake this way and compromise always felt like a failure in every direction - a lose lose outcome.

So my view is that we need to find a better way to work because this trend of wanting money + purpose + family connection + (insert whatever you want) is a good thing. In fact it's one of the healthiest trends I've seen in a long time.

Millennials are often accused of being lazy and expecting everything to be handed to them on a plate. My sense is that they're in touch with this new energy but they just don't know how to put it into practice.This is the sign of a generation struggling to embrace a sense of abundance in the world. They know at a subtle level that it's possible and their parents weren't cheating them when they told them "You can have anything you want." It's just that their parents weren't great examples of having your cake and eating it. They were working far too hard for that. They didn't know how to deliver on their promise.

But that doesn't mean it isn't possible. It means we need to double down on finding a better way to work.

That's what working light is all about.

"This has been a huge gigantic leap for me."
Tracey Hynes
"I'm a lot more connected to my purpose."
David Smith
"This work gives you the tools to navigate life."
Juliana Edgell
I invite you to take part in Working Light
It's an 8 week online program in which you'll learn how to let go of pointless hard work and find a way to work that is more aligned with your true self, easier, more graceful and more enjoyable. It's also far more productive, creative and sustainable.

Who’s it for?
- Gamechangers 
- Visionaries
- Conscious entrepreneurs
- People who are committed to making a positive social and/or environmental impact (doesn't have to be through work)

How to know if you need it?
- Your goal or mission is huge and inspiring and you need to work as lightly as you possibly can so you succeed in creating your vision and enjoy the process
- You're a gamechanger or innovator and looking for new ways to get stuff done
- You're working too hard and it's not getting you where you want to be, so it's time for change
- You feel you've paid a price for all the hard work you've put in over the years and now you want to be more creative and have more fun
- You've learned how to work smart but you're still far too busy and you're looking for more ease as well as results
- Your to do list keeps growing and you need more sense of achievement
- You worry that you're wasting your life by working too much and life's far too valuable for that
- Work stops you from having fun and it's time to play again
- Work stops you from doing your purpose and you can't wait any longer
- Work gets in the way of your family life and you want to be more present and connected with your partner and kids

What will be the outcome?
- Increase in productive work and decrease in pointless work
- Lighter, happier and more relaxed
- Increased and more productive creativity (ie going beyond the ideas to the actual creating)
- New habits that support your work to continue becoming lighter
- A shift in your consciousness around work
- Better results from your work
- Greater alignment with your purpose
- Freedom
How has it changed for other people?
The Details

The classes will be run live on Zoom (video-conferencing software). You'll receive the link by email when you book.

It runs for 8 weeks, starting 11 June 2018. Each group session is 45 minutes.

There are two groups to cover different timezones. You can choose either group.

Group 1

Australia: Mondays, 7.30pm (AEDT) 

New Zealand: Mondays, 9.30pm

Singapore: Mondays, 5.30pm

UK: Mondays, 10.30am 

Europe: Mondays, 11.30am (CET)

Group 2

USA: Mondays, 6pm (PST) 

USA: Mondays, 9pm (EST)

Australia: Tuesdays, 11am (AEDT)

New Zealand: Tuesdays, 1pm

Singapore: Tuesdays 9am

All sessions will be recorded in case you have to miss any of them.

What's included?
  •  8 x 45 minute live online workshops with Sarah McCrum
  •  Daily recorded energy activations and relaxations for personal practice
  •  Weekly journaling exercises
  •  Permanent access to all recordings
  •  Facebook group to connect with other participants
  •  Weekly 90 minute small group coaching session for deeper personal exploration and accountability (Working Light Accountable program only - see below) - maximum 6 people per group
The Topics

What is Working Light?

Introduction to the program
A lighter way of learning
Get started with a specific relaxation exercise for working light
Monitor your progress

How are you working now and why?

Examination of current work habits - being honest with yourself about how you're working
Why are you working that way? The good, the bad and the ugly
Going back to the roots of your work habits
Exercise for grounding your energy

What's the outcome of working that way?

What's worked really well for you?
What's not working well and why not?
What price have you paid?
Exercise for centring your energy

Why do you work?

What's the purpose of work for you?
What are your true priorities?
How do you need to work to meet these priorities?
Exercise for mental clarity and focus

Upgrade your operating system

Key principles of energy
Your personal coding and how to change it
Upgrades and downloads
Exercise for receiving energy

Balance your energy

The 5 steps of energy balance
Expanded focus
Doing one thing at a time
Exercise to balance your energy

Create flow

The key stages of flow
Identify your strengths and weaknesses around flow
Make a plan to increase your flow
Exercise to create flow

Work light as a lifestyle

How to maintain and keep developing working light
Continually upgrading your energy
Being conscious and living with uncertainty
Exercise to expand your consciousness

Accountability Program

Alongside Working Light, Sarah is running an Accountability Program. This is a weekly small coaching group, following the topics of Working light week by week. The maximum group size is 6 people. The sessions will run for 90 minutes each week.

The Accountability Program gives you 3 main advantages
  • It will keep you personally accountable for changing habits and doing everything that's suggested in the program, as well as monitoring your progress.
  • By sharing your personal stories and beliefs in the group you'll explore working light in much greater depth which will result in faster and more lasting change. You'll find the combination of speaking to the group about your own perspective and listening to others will affect you profoundly and create transformation much more easily. 
  •  Sarah's coaching enables you to get to the root of blockages far more quickly than you can alone or with your peers. She also has the ability to see your greater potential and bring it out more fully than you can for yourself. This means you make more progress more quickly with less effort.
Working Light

Single up front payment
  • 8 x 45 minute live sessions
  • Daily activations and relaxations 
  • Weekly journal exercises
  • Facebook community
Working light instalments

3 monthly instalments
  • 8 x 45 minute live sessions
  • Daily activations and relaxations
  • Weekly journal exercises
  • Facebook community
Working light accountable

Single up front payment
  • 8 x 45 minute live sessions
  • Daily activations and relaxations
  • Weekly journal exercises
  • Facebook community
  • 8 x 90 minute small group coaching sessions
Working light accountable instalments
3 monthy instalments
  • 8 x 45 minute live sessions
  • Daily activations and relaxations
  • Weekly journal exercises
  • Facebook community
  • 8 x 90 minute small group coaching sessions
* Approximate prices in other currencies, for guidance only (not accurate as currencies can change all the time)
US$250, $100, $1650, $600
UK£180, £70, £1225, £445
EURO €205, €80, €1400, €510

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