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I'm delighted you're joining us and I'm so looking forward to seeing how you apply this new approach to money in your life. Please check your emails for two important messages from Sarah McCrum, so you can get started.

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And something very special is about to happen
Your participation in Thank You Money: The New Art of Living Generously is helping contribute to a beautiful economic transformation in villages in Kenya. 

Because of the AIDS crisis, many thousands of children have become orphans. When they go to live with their extended family there’s often not enough money to support them.

Now, as a result of our partnership with the Global Giving Business Initiative, B1G1, Business for Good some families are going to plant specially developed mango trees, which have a smaller footprint and yet grow extra large, extra sweet, extra fast-growing mangoes. And in 12 months, one of those trees provides enough income to send two children to school for a whole year.

Some farmers will receive help to run a bee-keeping business that provides honey, cash and pollination for local fruit trees. And forest trees are going to be planted to provide shade for animals and crops, better water retention and reforestation.

All this makes it possible for orphans to live with their family, go to school and university and grow up to become financially independent. Thank you for your beautiful contribution to this economic transformation which is made possible by you, in partnership with B1G1 (Buy 1 Give 1).