Heart of Healing



Rebuild your natural health based on ancient Chinese principles of energy

If you have a health problem you’re unable or unwilling to resolve using conventional medicine, this is the place to start learning about energy healing.

As you gain experience you may find yourself wanting to go on to master your health and wellbeing so you can express yourself fully in all areas of your life.


Whatever your health condition, and whatever approach you take to get better, the body ultimately heals itself. The first step to regaining health is to learn the core principles of natural health and healing.


As you get more confident in resolving health issues, it becomes a way of life to take care of your health naturally as much as you can. At this stage, health is part of your daily routine and maintaining your energy is the key.



Once you’ve mastered the principles of natural health and healing, your focus moves to optimisation. You want your body and your health to be as good as possible so you can create a beautiful life.