The Roots of Karma

Karma affects us all in ways far more fundamental and continuous than we often realize. It operates at levels so personal and intimate that it’s as much a part of us as the air we breathe. This isn’t bad news. Understanding this root of karma is key to understanding how, as human beings, everything we do either brings more energy into our lives, or doesn’t. Let’s explore how this works.  

The Roots of Karma – energy activation

The Roots of Karma – talk

The Essence

Karma  is a beautiful, elegant system that’s hidden from most of us so it’s difficult to unravel on the surface. It creates balance and harmony in our lives when we understand how it works.

When the resonance of your energy is harmonious and  you’re connected with higher consciousness, love or the light, whatever you do,  think or feel has a creative, positive, influence in the world.

When your resonance or energy is disturbed by fear, worry or lack of power, it creates a vibration that’s dissonant, and your actions, thoughts and feelings put this dissonant energy out into the world.

Your life, your body and all your experiences are a reflection of your energy, so when you’re creating beauty in the world, you experience beauty. When you’re bringing love into the world, you experience love. When your thoughts or your feelings are with suffering, where you feel unable to solve problems or create a better experience, then your life brings you suffering and powerlessness and you become a victim.

It’s is an extraordinary reflection of who we are, which allows us to view life like looking at a painting that you’re working on and then recreating the parts you don’t like into something better.

This is the true gift of human life – this creative power that we experience when we align ourselves with love, beauty, peace and freedom. But when we align ourselves with darkness, powerlessness, weakness or fear, we’re unable to access the power that creates goodness through us. This then shows up in our life so we can see what’s going on and reconnect with the light, love or higher truth.

This is what lies at the core of karma.

Essentially our energy resonates. It affects others, and if we leave powerless energy resonating, it can carry through generations, from lifetime to lifetime, touching every one of us through our connectedness, until someone connects with pure creativity and heals that resonance so that beauty, love and creativity have replaced it.

If you want to learn how to recognise and release karma, I invite you to participate in next week’s Karma Masterclass

If you’ve done it before, you’re welcome to sign up again and deal with a different karmic pattern this time. It’s the easiest way to learn the method for releasing it.

If you’re not sure whether it’s relevant to you, check out this page because there’s a more detailed explanation of how it works and who’s affected by it.

Learn more about karma in Sarah’s blog.

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