The Most Important Component of Your Family First Aid Kit

004. The Most Important Component Of Your Family First Aid Kit

A friend was recently stung by 25 angry bees. As she ran to the shower to get them out of her hair, her first thought was to relax. This simple response prevented the stings from swelling up. Her next thought was to relax with the dog who had been stung all over his face. He also calmed down and started to heal quickly.

A few years ago I accidentally slammed my mother’s fingers in the car door. I immediately sat her down and led her to relax while I held her fingers. She was amazed that by the next day they were almost completely better. She expected them to be badly bruised and unusable for at least a week.

A couple of years ago a client emailed me from hospital. She’d had a knee replacement operation and was on maximum doses of morphine, but it wasn’t working. Her knee was very badly swollen, the pain was unbearable and her doctor was at a loss. I told her to listen to guided relaxations all day. Within 24 hours the swelling was considerably reduced and the pain was under control.

I could tell you hundreds of similar stories. There’s only one point to this, which is to say that this is a skill that each member of your family needs.

I’m shocked at how little most people know about healing. Stereotypes of people waving their hands over you or commanding you to “pick up your bed and walk” are common, even amongst those who are interested in natural health. So I’d like to share a little of the essence of healing, because this is relevant to you, whoever you are and whatever you do.

Healing is what the body does naturally whenever it’s hurt or gets sick. When you get a cold or flu, it heals over time. If you break your leg, it heals and the bones knit together again, not because of any treatment, but because that’s what bodies do. The first response of your body, whenever it’s in trouble, is to heal.

This healing process can be enhanced or slowed down by your behaviour. In general, stress, worry and unhappiness reduce the body’s ability to heal. Being relaxed and happy allow it to heal more easily and quickly. Even though it’s not easy to feel relaxed when you’re sick or in pain, it works wonders every time.

People often ask me why they have a chronic illness if the body heals naturally. That seems to be a contradiction. Essentially, a chronic illness occurs when the body is out of balance. There are many different reasons you get out of balance, such as poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, life habits, genetic predisposition, pollution, unhappiness and most likely a combination of several of these over a long period of time.

The healing process is the body’s attempt to bring everything back into balance, but if the imbalance is severe enough and it doesn’t change, the healing won’t be able to keep up. The body responds more easily when the conditions and environment are clean and natural, but in today’s world many people don’t have easy access to natural food, clean air, natural surroundings, a clean diet or clean emotions so it’s not surprising that chronic illness is increasing.

Once you understand this very simple explanation, it becomes clear that it’s quite easy to improve your health, even if you’re very sick. One part is the physical side – cleaning up your life and your environment. For most people this means changing your diet, taking regular exercise, taking time in nature, giving up habits that poison your body like alcohol and smoking, making sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need and cleansing your inner system.

The other part is the non-physical aspects that support healing – relaxing, becoming happier and cleaning up your emotional life so you have more inner peace. These are radically effective. If you relax deeply, you can feel the chemical composition of your body changing there and then and it feels better immediately. If you build this up over time, it will gradually become stronger than the disease process and you will get better.

What’s important about this is that any child can learn it. I’ve taught 5-7 year olds how to relax and seen them help their younger brothers and sisters heal their own stomach aches and headaches by teaching them how to relax too. I believe every child should learn this simple skill from an early age. They react quickly and directly and could avoid a great deal of pain and anxiety as well as unnecessary use of medication.

And I encourage you to learn for yourself how to heal your own body. If you have an accident, the first thing is to relax, whatever else is going on. We tend to tense up and try to distract ourselves from the pain when we hurt ourselves, but if you can slow down and relax you’ll feel a rush of heat to the place you hurt. This is the healing getting under way. It’s a rush of energy and it’s amazing how different your healing will be, just from this simple response.

If you get sick, take as much time as you can to relax. You may start to feel better immediately. Last year a client had flu and felt terrible. She listened to one of my energy activations on Facebook and was 100% fine by the end of it – and it didn’t come back.

Sometimes it takes longer. The disease may need to work its way through your body for a while before the healing kicks in fully. But you’ll find yourself with a lot more energy and recovering much more quickly if you keep relaxing.

There’s a bonus to this, because it trains your body to go into healing mode as soon as there’s any sign of danger. If I feel the tiniest ache or pain, my body instantly deals with it so it doesn’t grow. This means that I avoid most illness all together.

The only reason people don’t do it is because they’ve never learned. The benefits (better health, feeling better, no side effects) vastly outweigh the disadvantages (takes longer than popping a pill, takes practice). To me, this is basic life education.

What you can do to change this

  1. Learn how to relax with the 30 Day Energy Challenge.
  2. Learn the essence of health and healing with The Energy of Health.
  3. Listen to my free energy activations on Facebook.
  4. Start healing yourself with my best healing relaxations in Energy Healing.
  5. Tackle your depression with Journey to Happiness.
  6. Help your child get started with Relaxations for Children.
  7. Build a habit of relaxing every day with the Heart of Healing Relaxation Library.

Whatever you do, do something!


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