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What's It Like To Participate?
Dipika Delmenico
Luke Leighton

I love the fact that I get to meet what amounts to a really special type of person, actually lots of them.  I had no idea what to expect, but am continuously surprised that, in amongst the huge variety of people within the group, all of them are driven, focussed conscious people looking to "do better" and willing to help others provide incredibly valuable insights if you only take the time and are brave enough to ask a question.

Julia Ewan

The Leading Edge presents a way of looking at life and living that is beyond what we might imagine possible yet natural and familiar and sometimes breathtaking as it is presented. It centers in thoughful connection and revised perspectives. Seems Sarah McCrum’s true love of humanity brought her to a place of seeing the life we know in new ways that are concurrently most beautifully simple and completely expansive.

Karen Tax
Dave Smith
Gregor Herbst

For me, the leading edge program is a transformational journey on both personal and business level. I love deepening the relations in this inspiring community dedicated to exploring, to learning from, and to supporting each other. My conversations hardly ever feel as creative as they do in the leading edge community, in the deep sense of together bringing the new into being.

Melissa Butler

The Leading Edge is a beautiful gift—rich in nuance, heart-opening moments, and surprising glimpses. The community invites an opportunity to form friendships from a deeply connected place, one grown from honesty and trust, with both individual and collective aspirations for love and light in the world.

Daven Lee