Kim Wiseman

Kim provides Virtual Assistant support that helps businesses shine by freeing their time and energy from the back-end.  She assists the smoothing running of Sarah’s online business systems, helps plan activity and drive projects to completion and manages the Virtual Assistant support team. Kim loves being a part of Sarah’s team and contributing to a business that has a higher purpose of helping others be the best they can be.  Having experienced the transformational power of Sarah’s programs, Kim is dedicated to helping Sarah reach as many people as possible. She lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.

Laren Graterol

Laren is the graphic designer behind She is highly creative and is most excited when she gets to work on new projects on which she loves to impart a little bit of herself. She is passionate about images, fonts and color, a fact which is made obvious by the uplifting nature of her designs. She believes that the best thing about her work is her ability to transmit a clear visual message in a beautiful, and concise way, particularly when this comes about through the close relationships she develops with her associates. She feels most rewarded when that connection results in purposeful work which serves to enhance consciousness or deliver a higher message. She lives in vibrant Caracas, Venezuela.

Josefina Navarro


Anna Sanchez