For me, being a presenter means creating a unique and unforgettable experience. My goal is for each member of the audience to feel connected, present and inspired by every presentation.

In reality, I’ve been a speaker of some kind all my adult life, from my first job as a dinghy sailing instructor to school teaching and then BBC Radio for 10 years, where I was a presenter, reporter and producer. The last 18 years I’ve been teaching groups all over the world, ranging from small business owners to the global leaders of major corporations. To get a feeling of how I might be able to work with you, please scroll down this page and have a look at what I’ve done and what people say about it. Download my speaker’s kit, have a look at who I’ve worked with and send me an email to enquire about my rates and availability. My commitment to you is to do everything in my power to make your event special and hugely successful. And I’d love to make sure everyone stays calm and relaxed throughout the event. It’s my speciality.


Generally I speak about what it takes to reach your true and greatest potential as a human being. It’s a topic that connects the personal and business worlds and covers anything from personal energy to relationships to leadership and consciousness. To find out if I’m a good fit for your audience, check out some of the videos below and the topics I present on. Then have a look at who I’ve spoken to in the past.





  • This should be a part of every leader’s toolkit. Sarah automatically brings you perspective and the ability to see the bigger picture, which in our frenzied world, where the key focus is often very short-term, can be invaluable. It is notoriously difficult to get leaders out of their day-to-day mindset and into an effective learning environment. (It) is a way of helping them to open their minds and develop their creativity, allowing them to see beyond the constraints and boundaries of their day jobs.

    Jill McMillan Director Leadership and Development, Bank of America
  • Three phases come to mind when I think about Sarah McCrum and her speaking: "Totally Authentic, Absolutely Life-Changing, Very, very different.”

    To that I’d add that Sarah has an amazing ability to connect with an audience in ways that you very rarely see (or indeed feel).

    Paul Dunn Chairman, Buy 1 Give 1, 4x TEDx speaker
  • I included a session in our recent team-building event. The feedback was that people appreciated the investment in them and it set a different tone for the team-building enabling us to make lots of progress very quickly whilst staying very relaxed. I would encourage anyone to give it a go – what have you got to lose other than your stress!

    Orlagh Hunt Global HR Director, RSA Group
  • I have found that both my physical and mental energy has increased. Work has improved and I have had the best creative business ideas for years. Everyone around me including my wife has seen a positive change in my life. You have won over this cynic!

    Douglas Grays Owner, Dukes of London
  • She lets you get out of being totally in your head and brings you back to life with levity. It’s getting into your heart. It’s getting into the soul of who you really are without you really realising she’s doing it. It’s magical.

    Jacqueline Shaulis Founder, Awesome Enterprises LLC

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