We’re running a 5 day retreat at the Bosnian Pyramids this October, specifically to explore their extraordinary energy of health. We’re developing a new blueprint for human health that I started to pick up last year while I was in Bosnia. This is exciting work and will be a unique and pioneering experience for all participants. The retreat is called Radical Health.

We’ll be staying in a beautiful lodge high up on the hill behind the Sun Pyramid with amazing views of the valley. We’ll visit the pyramids and tunnels and delve deeply into the promise of a level of health that we haven’t yet experienced in our known history.

If you’re intrigued, please check out the videos and information below and email me as soon as possible with questions or to reserve a place. 

The Bosnian Pyramids hold a very special energy in relation to health, which I first discovered last year when I visited them and recorded a live energy activation sitting on top of the Sun Pyramid. If you want to feel it for yourself, here’s that recording. It’s best to listen to this with as you relax with your eyes closed.

The Pyramids include the largest and oldest pyramid in the world (yes, it’s a lot bigger than Giza and well over 20,000 years old). Here’s a documentary that tells the story of their discovery and current understanding of their purpose.

The dates are 5-10 October 2019, at the Pyramid Lodge in Visoko, Bosnia.

We’ll meet for dinner on the 5th and we’ll finish around 4 pm on the 10th, so we’ll have 5 days together.

We’ll spend at least half of each day (morning or afternoon) exploring the topic of radical health through group discussion and inquiry. We’ll also visit the pyramids and the tunnels to explore their health benefits and their extraordinary story.

Visoko is about 30 kilometres from Sarajevo Airport. The lodge is the best place to stay in town and is high up on the hill behind the Sun Pyramid with stunning views down into the valley. The food is good and they can cater to different diets (not always the case in a Bosnian restaurant).

The price is Euros 1835, which includes the course along with accommodation for 5 nights and meals, trips and local transport. It does not include travel to Bosnia and transport from the airport to Visoko.

Please note that this retreat is not primarily a healing retreat, although you will learn a lot about health. It is a cutting edge exploration of a new paradigm of human health. You need to have a reasonable level of health, both for the travel and for visiting the pyramids and the tunnels.

If you’d like to book or you have questions the next step is to email me at [email protected].

If Radical Health resonates for you, please be in touch as soon as possible.