Short, Precise Strategies reveal how to...

  • Doom feeling – I can’t do this for the next 10 years. I’m getting too old
  • Long Time Recovering from big work weeks and events – exhaustion
  • Never Switching Off
  • Constant Worry – not switching off

What Other's Are Saying

  • I am really enjoying the relaxations in the morning. Each night for the last three I've gone from about 6 hours sleep to more than 8, and the tension in my solar plexus has mostly just melted away.

    Tim Bennett Founder and Principal at Managed Growth (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Sarah is much more considered, much more caring, much gentler yet deeper at the same time.  And all of that comes with massive traction — and hence positive, life-changing moments for everyone who happens to have the privilege of sharing her insights.

    Paul Dunn Chairman of B1G1, 4 x TEDx speaker, Singapore

OUTCOMES: More Sleep, More Energy, Clear Mind, More Done with Much Less Effort, Being Calm, Peace, Balance, State Management, Totally Focused and Extraordinary Productive