How to Protect and Enhance Your Most Precious LIFE Assets in Highly Unpredictable Times

A free webinar with Sarah McCrum and friends for people who care A LOT about the future of nature and humanity

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Practical Steps for a Win-Win-Win World

How do you identify your most precious LIFE assets?
How can you value them?
How can you protect and enhance them?
How can you be rewarded for increasing their value?
What can you do immediately to get started?

Sarah McCrum

Most people experience fear and stress around money and they don't realise how much it's hurting their business, family life and impact in the world.

Sarah teaches people how to create a healthy relationship with money. Her work is based on the principles of her book, Love Money, Money Loves You, which she uses as a playbook for a new economy.

She's also co-founder of LOVE TO, which is a new type of business that rewards people financially for doing what they love. It's an example of a scalable, win-win-win business model that supports everyone to thrive.

This webinar is brought to you by LOVE TO LAB: Creating a World That Works for 100% of Humanity