How to recognise and release karmic patterns so you stop sabotaging your life and find inner freedom 
A masterclass taught by Sarah McCrum
Jeremy Harris
Partner, Gill McKerrow
"Doors open for me in a way that they have never before - sometimes literally!"
About the "Karma Masterclass" 
If you ever feel life is treating you unfairly, especially if you've feel you've gone out of your way to do the right thing by other people, you're probably struggling with karma.

This is not some bizarre spiritual system of punishment that catches you out when you're not looking. It's a beautiful system of balance that gives you the power to change your life. It's been very badly misunderstood in modern culture, so you may not feel very clear what it is or what to do about it.

That's why I'm running a  masterclass to teach you all about it.
My teacher told me I had some of the worst karma he'd ever seen. That explained why my life felt very uncomfortable for many years, even though I'd done a lot of personal development. 

It was only when I got a deeper understanding of karma, and uncovered the beauty that lies behind this deeply powerful teaching, that I found my inner freedom and was able to enjoy life at a level that I couldn't have imagined before.

I want to share this knowledge with you, so you can also start to explore the freedom that's possible for you. 
"This has been a huge gigantic leap for me."
Tracey Hynes
"I'm a lot more connected to my purpose."
David Smith
"This work gives you the tools to navigate life."
Juliana Edgell
Letter From Sarah McCrum
How do you know if you have a problem with karma?

Sometimes it feels like life is against you. You’re moving along nicely, everything's flowing better than usual, you’re beginning to relax…and then it hits you. Someone treats you outrageously badly and you know you don’t deserve it. Something happens that wouldn’t have happened to anyone else - so why does it always happen to you? And there you are again. It feels like you’ve been kicked in the guts for no good reason. 

This used to happen to me all the time. I couldn’t understand it. I was trying so hard to be a “good” person. I did my best to treat people well. I listened to them and cared about them. I was sincere in my attempt to be a better person. And yet it seemed as if life was against me. 

I remember walking into a meeting. I was in a business that was in trouble. I’d done a lot of work all week to try to find solutions. I had some fresh ideas. But when I started to talk I was treated with such a complete lack of respect, I was shocked. I had no idea what was wrong, but everyone in the meeting turned on me and it was simply horrible. To this day, I don’t really know what was going on, but that’s a typical karmic scenario. 

The worst bit was that it made me confused. It turned my values upside down. Everything I believed in and knew to be true didn’t seem to work for me. I thought it was good to try to solve the problems, so why didn’t anyone else? I couldn’t make sense of it. If any of the other people in the meeting had come up with an idea everyone would have listened, but they didn’t. It was unfair, as if I had to live up to higher standards than anyone else. 

I tried to tell myself stories that it was a good thing. Life was training me. I was lucky to have it hard. The strange thing is that looking back on it there was nothing badly wrong. I wasn’t suffering in the ways that many people do. No one was hurting me physically or endangering my life. But it hurt and I didn’t get it. 

And then I was introduced to the concept of karma. At first I thought it would be yet another thing to punish me, another way to make me feel bad about myself. But I had to find answers so I worked weekly for two years with an expert in clearing karma. I discovered stories about possible past lives that helped me make sense of this life. In fact, without those stories, this life was very difficult to understand. 

And slowly I noticed that my life got softer and easier. It was imperceptible at first. I was so geared to the unpredictability of life that I was permanently braced for it. It was hard to relax and a lot harder to trust. I knew the right language and could say all the right words, but inside, almost too far in for me to sense, I was deeply confused. 

What I learned opened my eyes in ways I could never have predicted. People often tell me these days that they don’t believe in karma and I know then that they don’t understand what it really is. It’s so far from being a system of punishment. In fact it’s a beautiful, elegant reflection of the deep patterns of nature and of life. Understanding it allows me to find freedom where others find blame and victimisation. Unravelling the strands of my hidden past gives me keys to a future that I wouldn’t have dared to dream up for fear that it would all be ruined out of some weird stroke of bad luck. 

As I’ve explored it more deeply with client after client I see how it opens up the innate goodness in people and allows them to become their greatest self. It’s a step by step process that shows you how to leave behind the torture of self doubt, self criticism and self denial. 

In my case I discovered that I blamed many other people for my own situation. It wasn’t overt, but I was unhappy with myself and yet I wasn’t taking responsibility. I blamed my circumstances which made me feel powerless to change anything. Ultimately I discovered that I blamed life itself for treating me wrong. I believed I deserved a better deal and often I wondered whether some mistake had been made in the way I was designed. 

Slowly I discovered there was no mistake - and although it’s counter-intuitive, this was a relief. I let go of the blame and mistrust that was deeply etched into my consciousness and started to recognise the many ways in which I failed to treat myself with love and respect. It was no wonder that others appeared cruel to me at times. I was the master of cruelty, but I reserved it entirely for me. I never showed it to anyone else - another typical sign of karma. 

Eventually, dealing with it allowed me to breathe and trust life, increasingly fearless and courageous in the things that matter.  It opened up the path to my deeper purpose and inner power. 

It’s not an issue for everybody, but in my experience, almost all leaders who have a conscience have a problem with karma. Things happen that sabotage your career or your success which make very little sense from the outside. You know deep inside yourself that you should be more effective than you are. People who are less conscious than you are being rewarded more than you. You don’t want to say it’s unfair, but it certainly feels like it on the inside. 

Strangely enough, you don’t need to believe in past lives to unpack your karmic patterns. But you do need to be willing to face some uncomfortable truths about yourself. If you can face them you will no longer be controlled by them and the path to inner freedom opens up for you. That’s worth discovering and I can promise that the exploration is deeply fulfilling. It's what makes it possible for you to experience joy, inner peace and true love.

Do You Want To Learn How To Make Peace With Karma?
I invite you to take part in a “Karma Masterclass”. It's a 3 week program in which you'll learn how to recognise and deal with karmic patterns in your own life. 

Who’s it for?
- People whose career appears to have been sabotaged, often several times over
- People who feel they are unfairly treated by others or by life
- People who feel they should be more successful/powerful/effective and can’t understand what’s in the way
- Gamechangers, visionaries and lightbearers
- Coaches
- People who recognise themselves in the letter above

What will happen?
- You’ll learn how to recognise the signs of karma in yourself and others
- You’ll learn what karma really is and what it isn’t
- You’ll learn a method for dealing with your own karmic patterns (if you’re a coach you’ll be able to see it in others as well)
- You’ll watch me working with individuals to reveal the deep patterns of karma and how they block their lives
- You’ll discover from real examples how to turn around the negativity and hurt so it becomes a source of power and light

What will be the outcome?
- You’ll experience relief and reduced self sabotage in at least one area of your life
- You'll 
- You’ll have a methodology you can apply over and over again when you discover other karmic patterns in life
- If you’re a coach you may be able to shed some light on karma with your clients (but please note that this is highly skilled work that requires a lot of practice to master)

How do you need to be prepared?
- It’s emotionally demanding, so you need to be ready for that.
- It takes personal courage to see yourself more clearly.
- Releasing karma is a way of letting go of blame, so it’s not suitable for you if you want to keep making others responsible for your suffering.
- It will help you step up towards your unique inner greatness - this can bring up resistance.
- I will send you some guided relaxations to listen to in the days before you start the program. These will help to prepare you to make the most of the sessions.
- It’s beautiful work, so you may experience more joy, inner peace or love.

How has it changed for other people?
"With your help, I have been able to overcome and mend relationship problems which have persisted in my life for 10 years. Before enrolling in your course, I usually dealt with my negativity by either ignoring it or covering it with positivity. Unfortunately, those tactics never helped me "move on" in my life. Thankfully, your course did and again I am very thankful. The transformation thus far has been so remarkable I cannot express my gratitude in words."
Amy Ying Tong Zhu
"On another note I wanted to tell you about my hubby. This conversation was one of the most beautiful and uplifting ones we have ever had as he explained how happy he feels and he put it all down to me doing your courses and subsequently changing myself which had somehow changed him too. He explained how he has started feeling different, how he has noticed more people giving him compliments (in my opinion he's always got them, he's just never allowed them in), etc. and overall he feels more positive about life. It made my heart sing!"
Amanda, QLD, Australia
"When you do this you finally learn an easier way to shed this part of your life for good, so that the world is not only viewed differently by you but you learn how to see everything through the eyes of someone who knows how to figure out once and for all, at the core, why it is happening, where it began, how you played your part, and the deal-maker of a lifetime... how to finally fix it all so it NEVER happens again. It changed my world, my life, and my loving relationships. I now get the clients I deserve, the love I always wanted, and the freedom to live without prejudices flooding my life."
Tiffany Littherland
The details

The classes will be run live on Zoom (video-conferencing software). You'll receive the link by email when you book.

Australia: 3 weeks starting Thursday 6 April, 7-8.30pm 

UK: 3 weeks starting Thursday 6 April, 10-11.30am 

USA: 3 weeks starting Thursday 6 April, 6-7.30pm (PST) 

Please note that the sessions may last a little longer than 90 minutes.

All sessions will be recorded in case you have to miss any of them.

What's included?
  •  3 x 90 minute live online workshops
  •  Permanent access to recordings of all workshops
  •  Workbook with guidance on how to clear karma for yourself
  •  5 preparation activations (deep relaxations you can listen to so you're prepared for the live sessions)
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