How to Respond to Bad News When There’s Nothing You Can Do to Help Physically

Today I was asked to lead a live energy activation on the topic of how to provide support in challenging times. It was requested in response to the fire in London but this is a topic that could be requested every week, if not every day, somewhere in the world.

You can listen to it here. It lasts 30 minutes.

It leads you to a place of inner peace and love which you can share, or channel, to the rest of humanity. That may sound grandiose, but we are all connected at an energy level. In a sense humanity is a single body (or collective) of which we are the individual cells. Each of us influences the whole, just as the whole influences each of us.

The Energy of Money

I’m running the Energy of Money program again next week. It’s a one week focus on shifting your relationship with money so you improve your financial results while increasing enjoyment and releasing worry and anxiety about money.

Just this morning I was listening to two people talk about their results from the first program which I ran last week. One has had several new sources of money come into his business this week. Another has discovered an opportunity that she expected to be extremely difficult is going to be surprisingly easy and will elevate her business to a whole new level. And that’s just the beginning. At USD100, it’s exceptionally good value.

And the real value is not about the money at all. It’s learning how to connect with the abundance and generosity of the universe. It helps you experience more gratitude and appreciation of the amazing world we live in.

Find out more and sign up here:

For Energy On Demand members

If you’re an Energy On Demand member and you want to participate, it will cost you USD50. Please pay here and you’ll get an email within 24 hours with all the details: Energy of Money for members

For participants from last week

If you attended the last one and you’d like to come to the two coaching sessions at the weekend, it will also cost you USD50. Please pay here and you’ll get an email within 24 hours with all the details: Energy of Money for former participants

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