How to Overcome Tiredness

If you’re always tired you have a chronic imbalance in your energy. It’s usually caused by chronic stress. This is how it works.

You’re tense and stressed. Your body contracts. This also contracts the meridians, or energy channels that carry the energy through your body.

You’re now receiving less energy because the meridian capacity is reduced. You have to push yourself to achieve more with less energy. It makes you feel more stressed and tense, further reducing the flow of energy.

It’s a vicious cycle, eventually leading to exhaustion.

If you want to turn it around you need to relax so your meridians open up. Then you start to receive more energy. This can feel very pleasant, which relaxes you further. As you open up more you receive even more energy.

It’s a virtuous cycle, eventually giving you abundant energy.

If you relax every day you’ll gradually overcome the tiredness and you’ll be able to balance your energy naturally. You’ll find you don’t want to get stressed any more.

It feels far better to be relaxed.


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