How Do You Improve Your Health by Changing Your Energy?

This is a question I’ve been answering all week in my new program, The Energy of Health, so I’d like to share the first part of the course with you today.

Here’s the link:

It starts with a 30 minute energy activation. This is a very relaxing, closed-eyes experience so it’s best to stop and sit down somewhere comfortable to take it in. It will help you see the possibilities for your health, which are far more positive than most people realise. And it will most likely also make you feel really good.

It continues with a 20 minute talk where I explain the link between energy and health. This is life-changing knowledge that literally gives you the keys to your future health.

There’s still time to join the program, so if you like it, just click on this link to join in. It costs USD100. It lasts for 7 days and you get two 60 minute group coaching sessions with me as part of it. You could initiate a very significant change in your health through the next 7 days. 

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