Holy Cow, It Actually Works

A conversation in one of my classes a few days ago between two business partners, Dave and Bob. 

Dave: I knew that my business partner was having an important meeting in San Francisco a few weeks ago, so I thought “I’m going to try this experiment.” And so I did a formal grounding exercise and then I turned towards the south, because I live in Seattle and San Francisco is south of me. Then I sent this loving energy field, this field of pure, pure love to the meeting, to him and to the person he was meeting with, and envisioned them being in loving conversation.

Bob: It was a two hour long meeting with a guy who’s the world’s leader in financing renewable energy projects and we were bringing a team in from New Zealand by video. There was one moment in the meeting where it was going sideways. And we were having a little trouble with the video quality as well.

I remember thinking, “What am I going to do? How do I get this back on track?” And all of a sudden I felt this jolt of relaxation. I knew I just needed to relax and trust it working out and hold the loving feeling. 

Afterwards, we realized that had happened at the exact same time. So Dave’s transmission was tangibly received and it helped a lot in the meeting.

Dave: I thought, “Wow, holy cow. It actually worked. It does work. ” 

Imagine what would happen if we brought more of this into business. 

Image by Michael Drummond from Pixabay

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