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Game Changer Pronunciation

An event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current way of doing or thinking about something.

The Oxford Dictionary

A newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way


A person who is transforming the way we live and do business on this planet for the good of all.

Sarah Mccrum


Are you a gamechanger?

Everyone has the potential to create huge positive impact in the world.

Some people have the deep, burning desire to make that potential real.

A few have the courage to take action.  They are the gamechangers.

Does this strike a chord with you?


The Gamechanger's Journey

The Gamechanger's Journey is a path of mastery. It comes with great challenges and great rewards, which will keep you busy for a long time. 

As a gamechanger, conventional success will never attract you. Standard problem fixes won't work for you. If you're to experience the joy that is your birthright, you need two things.

Mastery of Self: You need to keep growing until you truly know yourself.

Positive Impact: You need to create the impact that you know, deep down, you're capable of.

Both tend to expand as you move further along the journey.

If you combine self mastery with positive impact you'll come to know a joy, peace and inner strength that few ever experience. 

This is a path to freedom and to becoming a true gamechanger on the inside and the outside. It's also a path that will connect you with fellow gamechangers who will be ready to remind you that you've got this, and you're not alone. 

Question is, how long will it take you to get to that point?

Yes, each Gamechanger's journey is unique, and the path you carve will be your own. But when it comes to learning how to carve joyful paths there are different approaches. 

There's the messy one of trial and error -- or the simple and direct way that Sarah offers.

She integrates decades of training with Chinese Masters, ongoing R&D with her peers and thousands upon thousands of hours of work with entrepreneurs, gamechangers and groups of both.

The Gamechanger's Journey merges ancient wisdom with our modern demands, to serve you in the most straightforward manner possible. 

You can create your impact in a way that is sustainable, balanced and light. Light for yourself and your loved ones. 

The future of the world depends on each one of us. None of us can play small any longer. Whatever impact we were born to have is needed. Now

This is your invitation, this is the call that you've probably heard many times, both inside and out. If you choose to listen, let's take a look at...

Your Itinerary

The three main stages of your Gamechanger's Journey


You're not yet sure if you're really a gamechanger;
or you're busy with the struggle and could use some clarity;
or you'd like an overview of the gamechanger's journey before you dive in more deeply:


You're ready to master the necessary skills and face the inevitable challenges on your way to becoming a true gamechanger.

In the movies, this stage takes about three minutes, with the hero doing their training to the sound of "Eye of the Tiger" (go and rewatch "Wonder Woman", "Batman Begins" or, of course "Rocky").

Or, if you're ready to train for mastery in real life:


You know you're a gamechanger. You've already mastered many challenges. You now want to go deeper and it's important for you to stay on the cutting edge. Some superpowers would come in handy. 

Let's have a conversation: 

Or -- take a look at our advanced programs: 


The Challenges

Real-Life Superhero Training

We're called to become fully human and to master many different aspects of our life. That's a steeper challenge than Batman or Superwoman had to go through. But --  it's worth it. Please start with the one challenge that resonates most with you, right now. 


The challenge to true health and wellbeing is triggered by sickness, exhaustion or burnout.

The challenge to happiness is triggered by mental overwhelm and lack of enjoyment.

The challenge to wisdom is triggered by confusion and not knowing which way to go.

The challenge to love is triggered by relationship problems or issues with your kids.

The challenge to prosperity is triggered by financial pressure or fear of losing everything.

The challenge to purpose is triggered by a lack of meaning or depression.

The challenge to integrity is triggered by legal problems.