Sarah McCrum Invites You To
Think and Act Like a Future Human and Move Towards a Win-Win-Win Society

A personal note from Sarah...

April 2021

I'm sure that you and I both know we have to create a world that works for 100% of humanity. It's obvious. And yet it seems so often we hold back.

But why?

I believe it's simply because each of us feels too small to make a significant enough difference.  The challenges ahead of us are so huge. It's easy to feel personal doubt when you look at the enormity of what needs to be done. 

But waiting around for someone else to do it isn't any fun. So I invite you to join together with many other people and become a part of the solution. We're stronger together. 

This is not a job for governments or large corporations. They're not ready for it. It's people and small businesses who have power to change things - a lot more than we can see on the surface. 

So please join in the fun and let's all protect what we value, grow what we love and be rewarded for participating

With appreciation

Sarah McCrum

I invite you to join
Future Human

This is a very special 5 week program because it focuses on becoming a future human now.

A future human is not some hybrid robot-human-automaton. It's a person who's fully alive, loving their time on this planet and contributing richly to making it a better place for the next generation and beyond.

Some of the ideas you'll learn and apply in Future Human

How to protect and enhance the value of the things that matter most. 

How to think and act around money so you create a win-win-win environment around you.

How to be financially rewarded for doing what you love to do.


How to find your leading edge and spend more time there. 


How to influence the future by enjoying the present.

About Sarah

Sarah McCrum has been a mentor and consultant for individuals and business owners for 21 years. She specialises in teaching the inner mastery that enables you to have a greater impact in your business and family life.

Crowd-funding with a difference

Is this crowd-funding or are you buying a course? The simple answer is it's both. 

We want to make sure that if you contribute to the development of LOVE TO, you receive more value than you put in right away. which is why we're offering you a course.

We also want more people to be tuned into the future of humanity and understand the power they have to contribute to it now. So it works both ways.

At the same time, we're funding the last stage of the pre-launch for LOVE TO, so that's why we're raising funds this way. The purpose is to get to a stage where you are making money every year from participating in a new way of doing business, rewarding you for doing what you love.

What Makes this Class
It's new
There's no ready-made formula for becoming a future human, so we need to work it out as we go along. 
It's live
We're doing this in real time, creating the future together. Let's do it on zoom, and explore what happens. 
It's fun
This isn't about solving all the problems of the world. It's about being the kind of person who's already solved them. That's pretty cool. 
It's beautiful
We're only interested in creating a world where we get to experience more beauty, more goodness and more kindness. 
It's personal
This is all about you. It's not theoretical. It's for real and it will make a difference to your life, immediately. 
It's creative
How do we create new realities? We start by speaking them into being. And that's exactly what we're doing in this course. 

Questions and Answers

What are the dates and times?

USA: Tuesday 4, 11, 18, 25 May and 1 June at 5pm PT / 8pm ET

EUR: Wednesday 5, 12, 19, 26 May and 2 June at 10:30am UK / 11:30am CET

AUS: Wednesday 5, 12, 19, 26 May and 2 June at 10am or 7:30 pm AEST

How is the course delivered?

The course is live every week for 5 weeks on Zoom.

Are there recordings?
Yes, you will have lifelong access to recordings of all the sessions. 
How does the pricing work?
Since this is essentially a crowd-funding campaign, you can choose your price, according to what feels right for you. We're offering US$200, $100 or $50. It's entirely up to you what you decide. 
Can I contribute more than $200?

Yes, you can buy multiples of any price if you like. We will be happy to share courses with some of your friends if they'd like to participate, or to offer some scholarships to others who really want to join in. 

When will LOVE TO get started?

We're aiming for LOVE TO Be Fit to be listed on a stock exchange during July 2021. Once one Mutual is fully launched in this way, it becomes a lot easier to do the next one. 

I have ideas for a Mutual for my own work.

If you're running a project that would be well suited to the LOVE TO model and it's highly scalable (ie you can directly reach large numbers of potential participants through your network), we will be happy to discuss how you can use our model to create a Mutual once we are under way. 

I'd like to  help in other ways

If you have ideas for how you could help, please email Please be aware that at any particular time the work that needs to be done is very specific, and often highly specialised, so we won't always be able to say yes.. 

Are you ready to let go of wondering what the future is going to bring?

Are you willing to get creative with your own life?

Are you longing to do what you love and be rewarded for it?

Are you happy to participate in a new way of doing business that's good for people and planet?

It's time to think and act like a future human and move towards a win-win-win society.