From Recession to Recess to Reset

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When the flow of money through the economy reduces because people have become afraid of spending and investing, it sends ripples of limitation and lack across the world. People lose their jobs and their businesses, which makes us more afraid of paying for anything other than the essentials. As a result we produce what we call a recession. 

It’s time for a new language, and a new understanding of what’s going on. The word recession is connected with the word recess. In some countries, recess is a word used in school for when the students take a break from the classroom. It allows them to recalibrate and relax for a while, so they can come back to work with full concentration.

What we’re currently experiencing is more of a recess than a recession, and this is very important. Many of us, at all levels of society, have recognised that our economy has become overcharged, and is contributing to the damage of human and other life. Many of us have asked for a transformation to take place to heal humanity of its greed, stupidity and short-sightedness. Many of us have prayed for the protection of nature on our planet. 

When so many people make a deep heartfelt request for the same thing, it produces a response in consciousness, it changes our experience. Something happens.

That something is happening right now. 

That response to our prayers and wishes is in motion.

That longing for everything to slow down and for nature to become stronger is under way.

We have been heard. 

There was such coherence in our collective outpouring of love for the planet and nature and health and well being and true prosperity, that there is coherence in the response. 

We are showing ourselves right now how powerful we are to create change. Who would have imagined we could all transform our life so quickly? Who could have imagined that nature could start to recover so quickly, with cleaner air and water being some of the first signs? Who could possibly have conceived of a way to slow us all down and make us stop for a while?

But the big question is what next. What happens when our recess begins to come to an end? What do we do with our life as we move forward into the next phase? 

Now’s the time to be thinking about this. It’s time to ask ourselves deep questions about what we value most in our life and how we’re going to focus more on what we value in the future. It’s time to reflect on what we’re learning in our current experience and what we can change in our lives as a result. It’s time to reflect on how we’d love the future to look like and how we can contribute to that.

This is not a recession. It’s a reset. It’s a chance for us all, individually and collectively, to see how we can come together to make the right decisions for the benefit of us, the people. 

One of the most remarkable things that’s happening right now is that world leaders are responding to public pressure. We should take note of this. There’s tremendous power in it that can be used for good or not. It’s up to us, each one of us. 

We’re currently more united around the protection of human health and well being than we’ve ever been. It’s only one step more to unite around the protection of our planetary system, nature, the environment. We’re all a part of that system so we protect ourselves as we protect it. It’s a win for all. 

We’ve succeeded in creating an economic recess for the sake of health. Now it’s time to create an economic reset for the sake of life. 

It will create change. There will be disruption. There will be new ways of working, new roles, new flows of money and new values. 

The more we reflect now on where we want to go next, the more we will engage the extraordinary creative power of human beings to solve problems and shape better outcomes. 

We’re soon going to be faced with a very big choice. Do we rush headlong back into the madness we were living in before, allowing Corona to become a dim memory of a short-term nightmare. Or do we make the most of the change that has already started, and have the courage to move forward, coming together to solve problems and grow a world that works for all of us? 

The collective is made up of individuals. Each one of us who makes a brave, wise decision influences all the rest of us. 

It’s not time to wait for someone else to move first. It’s up to me and it’s up to you.

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