If you need more energy I’m going to be running a special intensive course which will teach you all about it, starting this week.

It’s going to be one hour a day for 8 days straight – with extra time for questions and coaching at the end, if needed. You can attend as many or as few of the sessions as you want as each topic will be self contained. 

The topics (one per session)
1. What is energy and how does it affect your performance, impact and quality of life?
2.  All about relaxation – the foundation for building your energy
3.  How to clean your energy – for healing and improving performance
4.  How to balance your energy – so you can avoid burning out and overwhelm
5.  How to recharge your energy – so you can have as much as you need when you need it.
6.  How to sustain your energy – so you can perform at your best in the long term.
7.  How to expand your energy – so you have enough to make your greatest contribution in life.
8.  What to do with all this energy and how to move on from here.

The format
Each session will start with around 40 minutes of taught content. This will be followed by questions and coaching. The sessions will be on video conference and you can ask questions live or through written chat.

The times
Australia: Thursday 25th Feb to Thursday 3 March at 7am AEDT
New Zealand: Thursday 25th Feb to Thursday 3 March at 9am
USA: Wednesday 24th Feb to Wednesday 2 March at 12pm (PST), 3pm (EST)
UK: Wednesday 24th Feb to Wednesday 2 March at 8pm

The cost
US$40 per session or US$200 for the whole program.
I am panning to sell the final course for around US$250 without any coaching and $2500+ with coaching, so this is a great opportunity to get it at a fraction of the normal cost.

The whole course will be recorded and available for anyone who purchases the entire program afterwards. Individual sessions will not be available as recordings, so please make sure you show up in person or buy the whole course.

The purpose
I’ve been wanting to create an online course on how to have more energy for a while, and I also want to write a book about the same topic. This program is my way of doing both at the same time. I will use the recordings as the content of the book. To help make sure I cover all the necessary questions I will ask all participants to email me any questions you have on each of the topics so I can make sure they are covered. So you will be helping me write the book at the same time.

How to sign up

Single sessions @ US$40 each (adjust number of sessions in shopping cart below) 


Whole course @ US$200 


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