The Energy of Money
Live Web Event

Thursday 26 October @ 12.00PM (AEDT)

USA: Wednesday 25  June @ 6.00PM (PST), 9:00PM (EST)
What You Will Learn On This Webinar...
  •  How to let go of anxiety about money
  •  How you can make friends with money
  •  How to get what you want with greater ease
  •  How to value yourself 
  • How to appreciate money
  •  Why it's more appropriate to love money than to hate it or be afraid of it 
  •  Why enjoyment is a big key to money
  •  What is money really?
  •  Why we all need to shift our connection with money

9 June @ 12:00PM (AEST)

USA: 8 June @ 7:00PM (PST), 10:00PM (EST)
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