How much energy do you really have?

fo34f776d344-04Here’s a simple way to assess your personal energy level. You can judge it by your general emotional state. When your energy is out of balance you’ll tend to be more emotional and experience greater highs and lows. When your energy is flowing well you feel easy, relaxed and at peace with yourself and your life.

On the chart score yourself on each of the rows as honestly as you can. Don’t think about it too hard. Your initial feeling is often the most accurate. Base your scores on how you feel most of the time or on average.

What does your score mean?

The lower your score the more out of balance your energy is. The higher your score, the more balanced you are. It’s as simple as that.

If you have a score below -9 you should make it an absolute priority to sort out your lifestyle and balance your energy. Don’t try to do it alone. Find a professional who can show you what to do and keep you accountable. A good acupuncturist, health coach, naturopath or other wellness expert will be able to help you get on track. If you’re experiencing depression here’s a good place to start:

If your score is 0 to -9, it’s very important for you to learn how to recharge and rebalance your energy so your score goes up rather than down. There’s a high risk for health problems at this level and it’s essential to build habits that will support your wellbeing and happiness. In the long run you’ll perform better, succeed more and have a more enjoyable family life if you do something now. I will teach you how to do this in future emails and courses. If you’re in a hurry to take action, start here: Energy On Demand audiobook

If your score is 0 to +9 I recommend you build a daily practice of relaxation or meditation, and research other ways to optimise your personal energy. My blog will give you some good starting points. You have a good foundation, but you could achieve more with greater ease, experience more enjoyment and develop your unique potential much more if you take your energy to the next level. I will share advice and lots of resources for you over the coming weeks. If you’re in a hurry the 30 Day Energy Challenge is a good place to start.

If your score is +9 to +18 your energy is already in good shape. Keep doing what you’re doing well and keep learning so you continue to upgrade. You have the opportunity to live an outstanding life, so please make the most of it. If you’re interested in more advanced learning, send me an email (sarah(at) and let’s talk. 


You may believe you have plenty of energy, especially if you tend to get very excited or you live on adrenaline, but this is not balanced and it often leads to disappointment or burnout in the long term.

If you think relaxation is the last thing you need I want to tell you that a wonderful thing happens to your energy when you relax. As you open up you receive more of it. It’s like being plugged into the universe power station. And the new energy that flows into you is naturally balancing. So it calms you down if you’re too high, it makes you livelier if you’re depressed, it makes you feel more relaxed if you’re stressed and it makes you clearer if you’ve lost focus. It’s far more than meets the eye. 

Give it a try?

Click the pink button  to listen to the 4 minute relaxation I gave you a couple of days ago. If you’ve already listened to it, listen again.