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Here's what you will experience...
  • How to reduce stress extremely fast so you have more energy and vitality.
  • How to relax deeply so you sleep better and wake up fresh in the morning.
  • How to rebalance your energy so you’re more effective and efficient in your business.
Who's taking care of YOU?
As a business owner you need to perform like a top athlete every day, year-in year-out, for decades...

Pro-athletes have a team of coaches, mentors and trainers to optimise every aspect of their performance, including their mindset, lifestyle and daily habits. 

So who takes care of you?

Under the expert guidance of Sarah McCrum, you will learn an ancient chinese technique that will help you become a pro-business owner. 

The '5 Day Energy Charge' will reduce stress and give you more energy in just 5 days.

Join up for the 5 Day Energy Charge for free and experience it for yourself. You will thank yourself for it!
In today’s world, it’s not enough to be exceptional at what you do.

You also need to be….
Burning out is going out of fashion and working yourself into the ground leads to long-term disappointment and poor results. Smart leaders treat themselves like first class athletes. They take care of themselves, optimise their personal energy and build long-term resilience.
There was a time when family life was sacrificed for the sake of success and relationships were primarily expedient. But today’s successful leaders have hearts as well as minds. They’re great at connecting with people and put a very high priority on a happy family life.
Money, status and power are all useful, sometimes essential, but rarely satisfying. Great leaders build great businesses around a great purpose, They do the challenging inner work which produces outstanding outer results.
What Other Business Owners Are Saying...
"Sarah is not the ‘rah-rah, lift people up until they’re ten foot off the ground’ style. She knows, just like you and me, that there’s very limited traction in that approach. Sarah is much more considered, much more caring, much gentler yet deeper at the same time. And all of that comes with massive traction — and hence positive, life-changing moments for everyone who happens to have the privilege of sharing her insights."
- Paul Dunn
Chairman of B1G1, 4 x TEDx speaker, Singapore
"It's a totally different head space. When I think back to all the energy I've wasted in stress, thinking about what could happen, worried about all that, it's amazing."
- Jan Ashford
CEO at Communication Rights Australia
"I am really enjoying the relaxations in the morning. Each night for the last three I've gone from about 6 hours sleep to more than 8, and the tension in my solar plexus has mostly just melted away."
-Tim Bennett
Founder and Principal at Managed Growth (Australia) Pty Ltd
"I wouldn’t start my day without it. It realigns me and I feel stronger in the way that I’m ready to handle most situations that are going to be thrown at me. It gets me ready to face the day. "
-Darren Edgell
Technical Director, Smirk Lighting
About The Instructor
Sarah McCrum is founder of The Energy Zone and author of "Energy On Demand: Master Your Personal Energy and Never Burn Out."

She trained for 22 years with Chinese Masters and has spent 20 years teaching small business owners and corporate leaders from companies including Virgin Media, Standard Chartered Bank and KPMG.

She specialises in helping people combine success with genuine personal and family happiness.

She's a strong believer that entrepreneurs are key to solving the problems we face on our planet, and she's committed to providing energy, support and resources to make this challenge easier, more enjoyable and ultimately successful.
Join Up For Your Free 5-Day Energy Charge Now - Enter Your Name and Email Address Below
Want to contact me personally? Reach me on +61 468 837 843
Enter your name and email below to be notified when we launch this course...
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