Do You Want to Reach your Goals with Less Hard Work?

Do You Want To Reach Your Goals With Less Hard Work

Overall priority
Explore in every direction that God (Infinite Light, Source, the Divine or whatever suits you) is always with you and with everyone and everything. That in God’s world there is no right and wrong, no good and bad. There is simply “what is.”

Making choices
  1. Then make personal choices of what you want to experience. Start with choosing your way of being.
  2. When you are being how you want to be you can start to look at what you are doing and make choices about that.
  3. When you are being and doing what you have chosen you can choose what you want to have. It will come to you very easily.
This is the order that works most effectively.
Warning signs
There are some warning signs that let you know when you are off track.
  1. If your feeling is not one you would choose it is time to choose how you want to be. This means there is never any time for feeling bad.
  2. If you are feeling good but feel that what you are doing is not fulfilling your mission it is time to choose what you want to do, and this can be in any moment. Ask yourself is this activity contributing to my mission. You will know immediately if the answer is yes or no. If it is no, choose again.
  3. If you are feeling good and your activity is fulfilling you may find there are things and experiences you want to have. Choose them now and wait for them to come to you, as they surely will, if you continue to choose how you want to be and what you want to do.
This is a very simple formula that you can remember at any time. Just remember the order.
Good reasons for following this formula
  1. You are wasting time when you have not chosen your way of being.
  2. You are losing direction when you have not chosen your activity.
  3. You are wasting opportunity when you have not chosen what you want to have.
And all of these choices are poor if you do not feel that God (Infinite Light, Source, the Divine) is in you in every moment and in everything. 
Photo by Tommy Lisbin on Unsplash

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