Detecting A Change In Our Financial Systems


There is a change taking place in our financial systems that is so remarkable, and has emerged so unexpectedly, that I want to share it with you.​​​​​​​

If I look deeply into the energy of our current financial system it’s like looking at a tangled ball of wool. There is little natural order and a lot of chaotic energy that causes destruction, pollution and desperation.

Until very recently, it seemed inevitable that many of our societies were heading for a major financial crisis that would cause widespread suffering. It was hard to see any other possibility. Even knowing that a new system would grow out of the ruins of the old was little comfort. There was too much damage on the way.

Over the last few days, for the first time, I’m detecting something I haven’t seen before. It’s as if there’s a light in the middle of the tangled ball of wool. The light is beginning to move slowly along the strands of the wool. As it moves, a part of the system breaks down and reforms itself, almost immediately, in a benign form.

This is radically different from a system collapse. It’s a beautiful, natural process of self-transformation that is gentler and kinder than I would have imagined possible before.

It’s a process I’m deeply familiar with at an individual level. As we evolve consciously, different parts of us fall apart and reshape themselves into a better version of themselves over and over again. We no longer need to wait for a personal crisis before we pay attention. It becomes a part of our daily life and it’s a beautiful way to live.

Instead of massive, revolutionary transformation, which can cause great harm to individuals, families and communities along the way, there is an opening and expansion into a more joyful, peaceful way of living.

I see this daily with the people who do my courses but I’ve never before been able to see how it could happen at a system level. To me, this indicates that many more of us are waking up and becoming more conscious. Truly a moment to celebrate.

Now this energy is becoming tangible, it will continue. It’s inevitable. But it’s going to be a while before it becomes obvious in the world at large.

In the early stages, change happens deep within and is invisible on the outside. Once started it grows like a seed beneath the soil. It’s simply a question of time before it emerges on the surface and can be seen by everyone. 

This is the biggest challenge when systems are shifting. If you detect the subtle signs you’re lucky because they bring an inner sense of direction, calmness and stability. There’s no need to feel lost or confused by what’s happening in the world.

if you have mo idea what’s going on, it can be much more challenging. You may feel afraid of the unknown and try to hold on to what you know because it feels familiar. 

However, resistance is futile. We’re talking about evolution. It’s stronger, by far, than any individual. It’s stronger than the most powerful financial and commercial organisations in the world.

The only sensible and responsible option is to support the change into a world that works for 100% of humanity. A world that our hearts know is possible. A world where we value the protection and regeneration of nature and true quality of life for all human beings above all else.

The early signs are now visible, like shoots poking up from the earth towards the end of winter. Spring is on its way. 

I am so ready for this.

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