Would You Describe Yourself as Thriving?

The word “thrive” conjures up so much vitality and abundance to me. It’s a great way to live and it’s what I want to see in everyone around me.

It’s also what I long for in our environment and for the future – a thriving planet, thriving humanity, thriving communities and thriving individuals.

So the big question is how do we get there? We seem a long way away at the moment, even though I keep seeing reports of incredible developments that are taking place and achievements that sounded impossible a while back*.

There’s only one answer I’ve found to that question so far, which is to thrive myself as best I can and to share it. There’s a magic that happens when we share the best of ourselves. It brings out the best in other people too.

It’s so easy to hold back or share what we have in common rather than sharing what’s special about us. It’s tempting to connect with each other over the lowest common denominator rather than inspire each other to contribute more and become greater people.

In recent weeks I’ve noticed more and more people stepping up to do more purposeful work, taking themselves seriously, respecting their own talents and experience, appreciating their gifts and preparing themselves to give more to the world.

That kind of energy is catching. It has a knock on effect. As each person steps up other people around them are influenced by their energy and start to think differently. They ask different questions. They wonder if they can also become more than they’ve allowed themselves to be so far.

If enough of us do that, even in small ways, it will build up a force of unstoppable contribution that will solve the problems we currently face through sheer good will, determination and shared endeavour.

Then we’ll all thrive together.

Idealistic…? Maybe.

Possible…? Absolutely.


  1. Hi Sarah, I’m interested in the Spiral Up monthly group beginning in March.
    When I clicked the link, it goes to a page that says “That’s odd, this page seems to be missing”.
    I don’t know if this is because it’s out of date or just not active.
    Basically I’m interested in anything you’re doing that helps us play a bigger part.

    1. Hi Victoria, thank you for pointing this out to us! That is an old link that will be removed today.

      For playing a bigger part, we have a few things that will be coming up in the beginning of next year that we’re excited about for becoming a Game Changer. There will be some announcements about this in the next month.
      Thank you

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