Creativity Is The Game Of The Future

Painting by Niko Dujmovic

Please allow time for this article. It’s an extended, multi-media exploration of creativity as a way of living and being, through which we can express ourselves fully. It’s also a signpost into the future.

Let's Start With A Big Question

Here Is One Man's Answer

Emailed to me a few days ago by composer and artist, Paul Jordan | OST:

When I create a piece of music or visual art, I sit down at the computer and just know that whatever I do will work out.  There’s complete trust and no thinking involved.  Inspiration is not needed…ever.  I am not consciously trying to do anything but instead just going with the flow and understanding that any action I take is moving one step further towards something better than anything I could have ever imagined myself.  There are no mistakes in this place.  I have no idea what I’m going to make and I don’t have any expectations other than knowing that my muse will enter the room once I’ve cleared my mind.  It feels like an open doorway with light shining freely through it.  I have stepped to the side and am merely observing the rays of light coming through.  There is no ego in this place but more of a curiosity of what the universe will bring.  My contribution is more as a caretaker than anything else.  I play a curatorial role but understand that in the end, I have done nothing at all.  The universe has done the work for me and I offer it back as a gift.  This certainty is only possible by doing a few practical things in the real world.  I have to show up.  I have to do my bit.  In real terms that means turning my field recorder on whenever I go out.  That’s it.  Life will do the rest, whether that’s birds chirping, people talking, cars passing, music playing.  It’s not up to me.  It’s a collaboration with life itself.  Maybe nothing will come of it but maybe something will.  Likewise, when I walk down the street and see something that catches my eye, I take a photograph of it.  Maybe I can use it for something, maybe not.  I don’t know.  I never know.  The act of showing up and being open to the possibility of maybe is what drives creativity.  Maybe this will work, maybe not but be open to it either way.  It doesn’t seem to matter where I go or what I do, the act of showing up always provides me with the material I need for the next track or artwork.  I am constantly amazed by the effectiveness of this.  The simplicity.  The ease.  The beauty.  The peace.  To feel so supported in this way is truly a miracle.  I MUST live this way.  I can’t go back.  Art is my way of understanding the world.  To create is not to create at all but rather to uncover what is already there.  Artists are merely archeologists, excavating the soul..

Here Is Another Man's Answer

This is a painting by my husband, which is his expression of the process of creation. It’s called Love Creation Freedom. You can view it as I’ve displayed it, or you can turn it on its side (right side becomes the bottom) and you will see a different perspective.

Creation Freedom by Niko Dujmovic
Love Creation Freedom by Niko Dujmovic

The Creativity of Life

True creativity is the creativity of life itself. It’s what life is, and therefore it’s what we are at our core. We are part of life, absolutely inseparable from it. We are creativity itself, constantly in action, constantly expressing life, as it expresses itself through us.

It’s like a dance to wake up to this power. There’s an aliveness that runs through you.

To show up fully as the human being you are, and to create the space and opening to allow life to express fully through you, makes you so much more than the human being you are. This is the extraordinary nature of humans, that we’re so small and so big that we can do so little and create so much all at the same time.

Creativity is about reality. It’s how your reality arises and how you influence it. If you’re not grounded, it stays in your imagination as a wish, a hope, an if only, and it never actually happens. So if you want to experience your innate, beautiful creativity, you need to be grounded.

Then you may start to feel the energy of life as it flows through you – a beautiful, subtle stream that connects you with everything. It forms and shapes your reality and determines the precise vibration of your unique existence

Painting called Reset by Niko Dujmovic
Reset, by Niko Dujmovic

What Is Life Creating Through You?

Life is flowing through you and you are a unique part of it, just by being you, with all the different colours and shades of your life.

It’s always beautiful, refreshing and relieving of stress. It’s always bringing you solutions so you can relax.

You can simply let life flow through you, creating and recreating in every moment, because you’re human. You have wishes and desires, thoughts and feelings. They shape the energy you allow to flow through you. Your desires and wishes are an invitation for something new.

The way you respond is a signal to the energy of what you’re asking for and what you’re capable of handling. The energy responds to your response and your thoughts give shape to the energy that’s flowing through you, which, in turn, influences your future.

If you restrict or limit yourself, you’re saying, “Give me only so much.”
If you respond with appreciation, you’re saying, “Give me more of this.”
If you respond with fear, you’re saying, “Don’t give me anything, shut it down, please.”
If you respond with apathy, you’re saying, “I can’t, I won’t.”
If you respond with enthusiasm, you’re saying, “I’ll give it a go. Try me.”
If you respond with joy, you’re saying, “I love this. This makes my heart sing. I’m so open for more.”
If you respond with peace, you’re saying, “Yes, this is totally aligned with who I am.”


Playing The Music Of Your Consciousness

Here is an audio energy activation for relaxation and reflection which will awaken your own deep life creativity. Please sit somewhere comfortable and close your eyes to listen to the recording. 

Whatever you pay attention to, whether it’s something you want or something you don’t want, grows in your experience. When that attention is accompanied by strong positive or negative feelings, it’s multiplied, so there’s even more of it in your life.

What you’re intensely afraid of, you create very powerfully.
What you’re intensely joyful about, you create very powerfully.
What you’re extraordinarily open to, you create very powerfully.

As you shape and form the energy that you attract into your life, it streams through you, constantly shaping and reshaping itself with every thought, feeling and response in every moment.

As you read this, notice how you feel. Notice the thoughts and feelings – where you give your energy, attention and focus. Stay open to allow the stream of life to flow through you, because when you’re open it’s a stream of beauty.

It’s free. It’s joyful in and of itself. It’s pure creativity.

Notice the shape you give to the energy that flows through you, how you form it through your feelings and wishes. Notice how your thoughts become reality and how easy it is to change a feeling or a thought and thereby change what’s being created.

This is waking up to your own creativity as a human being. It brings peace because you’re a part of it. You’re as creative as life is creative and you’re free, as life is free.

Creativity As A Portal To A New Earth

This is a multi-sensory experience. It invites us into a world where creativity is abundant and life is generous. 

And Now It’s Up To You To Take The Exploration Further

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