What I love more than anything is the exploration of who you are at your greatest, most powerful and most fulfilled. How we get there is the beauty of working together.

We always start with an in depth exploration of what you really want. This conversation establishes the goals and timeframe for your coaching program.

My minimum coaching agreement is usually 6 months, but I’m happy to do one-off sessions if you’ve done coaching before or done one of my other programs. Many of my clients have chosen to work with me for several years to receive ongoing support as they reach new levels of personal and professional success.

It can vary, but generally we’ll work together about 60 to 90 minutes per week, depending on what ensures will get you the best results.  Any time you’re experiencing exceptional pressure I’m happy to provide extra help. Whenever possible, we carry on through holidays. One of my principles is that the quality of your life away from work is just as important as when you’re working.

“When I started working with Sarah, I was looking for more time and energy in my life. I have received that, and so much more. Sarah knows how to coach in a way that works in my “real” world – and, I suspect, in a way that works in the real world of each one of her clients. Sarah’s teachings apply a deep, almost ancient, understanding of human purpose to the practicality of modern society. This has been an investment in the rest of my life journey.” -Jeremy Harris, Brisbane, Australia


I ask all my coaching clients to spend some time every day relaxing or meditating (20 minutes or more). You’ll be given help with this. It makes all the difference to achieving the results you want. Enjoy listening to this free guided relaxation.

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I view every client as a whole person, which means I work with your personal and business life. Where relevant, I sometimes engage with several members of the family. For example, I may work with your partner for a while if it will help your relationship. I love to work with kids and teenagers, especially if they have behaviour or mental health issues. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text] We start by creating greater internal coherence in your wellbeing, relationships, money and energy. I will help you…

  1. Increase and balance your energy. You will improve your physical and mental health, release stress and overwhelm and experience a relaxed, calm, focused productivity.
  2. Deepen your connection with your family. This improves partner relationships, intimacy and mutual understanding. It brings more joy and happiness into the family. It helps children feel more peaceful and balanced, with improvements in behaviour and mental health.
  3. Help you uncover deeper meaning and purpose in your life, get in touch with your greatest potential and connect with who you really are as a human being.

I will help you clarify your vision and direction and uncover your greatest potential. I will then support you to create your most powerful contribution to society, starting from wherever you are now. The aim is for you to experience deep fulfilment as you look back on  your life in years to come.

I can be a good sounding board for business decisions but I will not be coaching you on how to run your business. I assume you are already on top of this or can get whatever help you need.

However, I can help you solve serious problems in a lighter and easier way than usual. For example, if you have any legal issues, major staffing problems, very challenging relationships or other difficulties that cause you to lose sleep, please let me know straight away. This is where the magic happens.

Above all every client is a unique individual and every session is a delightful surprise. To find out more about my coaching, please click the button below to request a free Discovery Session – Clarify Your Purpose (on skype or phone).

Case Study: Alex Blyth, MD Mega Adventure Group

Case Study: Senior Audit Partner

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