Chinese Year of the Earth Dog – what will it bring?

Chinese Year Of The Earth Dog (1)

In 2016 she predicted explosive changes, conflicts and clashes between the old and the new, a year of huge changes and transformations. She also predicted the deaths of many famous people. That was the year of Brexit, the Trump election and a string of celebrity deaths, starting with David Bowie. The underlying opportunity of the year was to create inner peace, but only if you didn’t get caught in the drama.

In 2017 she predicted ego, vanity, gossip and exposing of dirty laundry. It was also a year for bringing out underlying darkness. It was a noisy, self-obsessed energy, constantly saying “look at me.” One look at the news of last year confirms everything she said. The underlying opportunity of the year was for very fast manifestation and expanded creativity, but only if you didn’t get caught in the superficiality and noise on the surface.

What will she predict for 2018?

Aleksandra Dorann is a specialist in Chinese Metaphysics and has developed an exceptional skill in predicting the patterns of the year based on its energy. This is not the cheap Chinese horoscope predictions you can find online, but a sophisticated analysis of patterns that reveals trends, likely scenarios and unavoidable priorities.

Every year I run an online event where she talks about the energy of the coming year and what you can expect as a result and it’s coming up next week. It’s a fascinating glimpse into challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us and the key is that if you’re prepared you can uncover the hidden opportunities that most people miss by getting caught up in the external, unimportant events.

After two exceptionally challenging years it will become more stable in 2018 but it will be a year for exposing darkness – a trend which started last year already. This can be very uncomfortable, especially if you try to avoid it, but there’s an opportunity to open up to your deepest purpose and mission if you know how to face what comes out. And since it’s a great year for building foundations, this is the time to get clear on who you are and why you’re here.

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