Can’t I Just Run Away From it All?

Maybe sell my business/start all over again/escape?

Try it.

I tried for 10 years, maybe more. Every time I got bored with a project I moved to another one. When I needed variety I moved country, sometimes within a day or two of making the decision. I spent 13 years living in a remote part of New Zealand surrounded by extraordinary beauty, eating home-grown organic food and learning about energy, relaxation and other things I write about.

It was fun and taught me how to be flexible and adaptable. There was just one problem. Whatever I changed and wherever I escaped to, I always came too.

I was trying to escape from myself and I really needed to find myself. I needed to move towards myself, not run away.

Eventually I learnt this.

And there’s only one important thing you need to know. The more you discover who you really are the better you’ll feel.

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