3d coverThis book is for you if you’re a business owner or leader who needs more energy. Most likely you think too much, work too hard and have very little time for yourself.

It gives you 6 keys to increasing your energy. You will learn how to:

RELAX so you have more energy
BALANCE your energy
RECHARGE your energy
SUSTAIN your energy
EXPAND your energy
SUPERCHARGE your energy

The book also gives you access to an online course, The 5 Day Energy Challenge, which teaches you how to recharge your energy any time so you can perform at your best, feel relaxed and at ease and attract more business without having to work harder.

Sarah McCrum spent 22 years training with Chinese Energy Masters and has been coaching business owners and leaders for the last 20 years. She’s worked with leaders from many large companies, including Virgin Media, KPMG, Bank of America and many small businesses.


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“Totally authentic, absolutely life-changing, very, very different. Sarah is not the ‘rah-rah, lift people up until they’re ten feet off the ground’ style. She knows, just like you and me, that there’s very limited traction in that approach. Sarah is much more considered, much more caring, much gentler yet deeper at the same time. And all of that comes with massive traction − and hence positive, life-changing moments for everyone who happens to have the privilege of sharing her insights.” Paul Dunn, Chairman of B1G1, 4 times TEDx speaker

“Sarah has been my most influential life adviser. She is a brilliant teacher and helps me make sense of concepts that no one else has been able to explain. This book is the starting point.” Matt Murphy, Managing Partner, MPR Group

“I have read many books in pursuit of finding purpose and becoming a better version of myself. Sarah’s ability to help you focus on what matters most, based on real experience, is what enables her to make a significant impact on the lives she touches.” Lisa Morris,  Global Employee Experience Consulting Practice Leader

“I must say that this book has been a glass of cold water for a man who’s lost in a desert. I have been taking time to relax every day, and it is helping me cope with my daily work demands… especially in being able to come home and be present for my wife.” Mahesh Kamat, Microsoft