Are you looking for great energy?
Crystal clarity?
Powerful performance?
Download "Energy On Demand: Master Your Personal Energy and Never Burn Out" by Sarah McCrum

An unbelievably simple and powerful way to recharge, rebalance and maintain your energy.

Techniques from Chinese Masters that fit with 21st century life, for balancing an extremely busy life.

Better sleep, more presence, more clarity, more enjoyment, more inner peace.  


I had thought that energy came from eating and sleeping but I now realise there's so much more to it. I also thought that my reaction - mental, physical and emotional states were a result of what was happening externally, however, I've learned that by managing my energy I can manage my life situations - I'd never thought of it like that before and it's made improvements that I didn't think were possible.

In conclusion, the content of this book has revolutionised the way I live my life. The relaxation aspect is so easy to do that its become part of my daily routine and with the results Im experiencing from it I wonder how I managed without. I only wish I'd discovered these techniques 30 years ago.
Joe Francis

I have been relaxing daily now for over a year and I can stop an imminent anxiety attack in its tracks, deal with situations that others would find profoundly unsettling with alacrity, clarity and calm. And when they are done I am able to leave them behind. I can and have healed pain, fatigue, and overwhelm. It's remarkable what this practice has given me. Thank you Sarah!
Stephanie Renaud

I completed your book. I must say that it has been a glass of cold water for a man who's lost in a desert. I have been taking time to relax every day, and it is helping me cope with my daily work demands... especially in being able to come home and be present for my wife.
Mahesh Kamat