A Message From Money to You

A Message From Money To You Wp

It’s time to appreciate yourself. Whatever your current story is, there is no doubt that you are doing the best you can with the inner and outer resources you are aware of.

There is also no doubt that more resources are available to you, but they are very difficult to access until you appreciate yourself more. When you appreciate yourself you allow yourself to grow and then you naturally attract more resources that will help you experience the beautiful life you’re right in the middle of creating.

Maybe you forgot that you are engaged in a profoundly creative process and your life is truly a work of art. The stories that weave through your personal timelines tell of the wonders and challenges that have shaped you from before you were born until now and will continue until your death and beyond.

It is not a small matter to appreciate yourself. It lies at the heart of your perception of who you are. Appreciation is a moment when you acknowledge the fullness and richness of your life. It’s a moment when you recognise that there are no mistakes and you’re in exactly the right place for you right now.

This is important because appreciation gives you energy, which is power, which is movement, which is change. Every moment of appreciation of yourself, your story and your circumstances is a catalyst for change.

When you lose appreciation of yourself you feel powerless.

When you appreciate yourself you grow naturally and life grows with you.

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